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How long till round 2?


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So I am 4 days off of Whole 30 in the reintroduction phase. Sticking mostly to what I ate during Whole 30, but have put a few things back in (a glass of wine, sugar, edamame, and a piece of toast mainly). I didn't do Whole 30 to loose weight or cure dietary issues, mostly just to reset, unlearn some bad habits (i.e. a glass of wine every night), and to have more overall energy. I am already feeling a little bit sluggish and have lost that sweet full night sleep effect. How long should I wait until I restart? I dont want to mess up my digestive system and make it so that I end up having problems with certain foods (i.e. I havent had any dairy yet so I dont want my body to be used to not having it and then develop an issue). 

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