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Feelings of Failure Followed by Binge

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I finished my first Whole30 about 2 weeks ago.  I lost 3 pounds and did feel really good at the end.  I was shocked that I accomplished the 30 days actually!

I knew my body was happy with how I was eating.  BUT no matter how I tried to see things rationally, I felt like I failed.  I tried to figure out what I had done wrong.  I really expected to lose more weight or have some sort of magical transformation.  I had already been eating relatively low carb but tended to 'blow it' on the weekend with wine, pizza, etc.  BUT I followed Whole30 to the letter.  And now I find myself engaging in this really immature behavior which is, well, I behaved like a good girl and didn't get rewarded, so I may as well eat what I want because why does it matter??  I realize this is silly, but it's where I'm at.  Now i'm eating worse than before I started Whole30!  I am working on managing stress and I do suspect that my long-term, chronic stress may have played a role in my less than spectacular results.  By the way, my 'ideal' weight is about 15 lbs away.  I do carry a lot of weight in the belly.  Anyhow, I know I need to get back on track and knock off the pity party.  Anybody else go through this pattern of thinking?

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These were two really good articles for me. I finished Whole30 right around the same time as you and didn't lose very much weight. I'm not saying that you should do another W30, but those articles kind of helped me get back into the mindset of, "okay, this is going to be hard to even do a Whole7". I am struggling with snacking and making allowance all day (today was some donut, cheesecake, 1/2 buttered roll, chips, 2 Oreos, and a bite of coconut cream pie - I work at a restaurant). So, I TOTALLY understand what you are going through falling off the wagon. 

I am planning to restart at least a Whole7 this coming week to get myself back into the game. Not just for weight loss or to clear up my now breaking out skin, but because I feel better about myself. My life doesn't seem as out of control, and you don't have that negative self-talk that comes with living in this "failure".  Getting BACK into a diet is so much harder for me than just starting a diet once a year. 

I know this doesn't really help the emotions that you are feeling from only losing 3 pounds. But something that might help: do you really think you are going to lose any more than 3 pounds with the mentality that you are in now? You are getting further away from your goal the more that you keep the failure cycle going. 

Hope this helped a little!

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