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Whole30 in Germany


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Hi everyone!

Welcome to my log. I introduced myself earlier in the introduction-topic. I want to write here about Whole30 in Germany, what I cook, where you can get the for me important goods for a good Price and of course how I feel during the 30 days.


First of all, this is not really day 8. I already started at the end of january to eat whole30 conform, but as a soldier, I had to go to a Training site for 2 weeks and there you eat what you get on the plate or you eat nothing. So no possibility to stay on the track. That's why I decided to give it a fresh start at the First of March. End of January, when I first started, I weight 104 kg (sorry - metric System in Germany) and had a BMI of 34,6! At the 1st of March I restarted with a weight of 98,6 kg and a BMI of 32,9. So in the first two weeks of february, I already lost 5,4 kg. Of course my scale is banned now since the 1st of March!


The first two weeks in February where the worst. I felt like in rehab. Headaches, stomach pain and all the other gifts, years of unhealthy living gave me. I felt so incredibly tired and cold. It felt like I was cooking the whole day. Cutting vegetables hours and hours long. But now, at Day 8 of the new try, I feel brilliant. No headaches, my belly is more flat then ever, I have lots of energy and my uniform fits amazing.

What happens now in the second try is, that I develop some weird Habits, thinking that fruits also do have sugar and that I can't have a Snack.. Snacks are evil :) Even if they are healthy and whole30 approved. I surprise myself thinking whether I ate too many sweet potatoes today or too much pumpkin with my salmon. I think I need to put an eye at these thoughts. I don't want to develop an eating disorder.

At work it is interesting. My comrades are mostly interested in my Food and my way of eating and I always bring a bit more than I eat cause most of the times there is Minimum one comrades who wants to taste my Food. All of them are very supportive at the Moment.

I live in a really small town in Germany, we have only one BIO-store and it is really tiny and really expensive. But in Germany all big supermarkets have BIO products in there range. You can order your bio-meat at www.kaufnekuh.de. For Special products like cocos-aminos I recommend www.dieblauehand.de or Amazon.de

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Wohooo it's day 25 already. I am healthier, stronger and better looking than ever! I'm totally into sheperds pie at the moment. I really adore it! I have no cravings except the urgent need to get on the scale... but it's only 5 days away and I know whatever it tells me I love my new self. My friend made pictures of me riding my horse and you can see such an amazing difference! So it doesn't really matter what the scale tells me. I will not do the reintroducing because I don't miss any of the dismissed goods. Why should I reintroduce what my body obviously doesn't need?! So after a dinner at day 31 I will start the new Whole30 right away. I will do at least a Whole90 because in July I am back in Afghanistan on Mission and can't continue. Also, as a good advice for others, I write a diary of what I eat and at what time. I will post before/ after pictures on day 31 - that's next Friday.

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Today is day 61! I feel so much better. I lost 3 sizes and a lot of weight, skin issues, i have no more stomach pain when i get my mens and I have so much more confidence! I have a pic for you today to compare before Whole30 and after the first 30 days2elzf6b.jpg

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