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First W30 Recap


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So...as an end to my first Whole 30 reset, I will summarize my results.

Non-Scale Victories!

Physical-Outside:  Skin...still blotchy rosacea on face, but the backs of my arms used to be dry & prickly...that has gone away. Definitely less bloating!  Clothes are looser, not enough for a size difference yet but on the way.

Physical-Inside:  pretty much most of the things on the list, but I didn't have any real health issues (besides weight) to begin with.

Mood, emotion & psychology:  I do seem to be more chipper, my kids (even out of state) have noticed when they call that I seem happier.  Definitely fewer sugar cravings, carb cravings, feeling in control of food choices.  

Brain function:  Crazily...I do seem to be more productive at work.  At home, I have actually been slowing down from the running and reading before bed and actually going to bed at the same time.

Sleep:  This is definitely the biggest change for me!  I am sleeping anywhere from 7-8 hours EVERY night.  I used to say that I was the kind of person who only needed 5-6 hours, because that is what I got.  But the change in diet has changed my whole system.  I have never felt so replenished.  This didn't start until week 3 or so, and it still feels new and unfamiliar...but I have to say, that I rather like this change.  Of all of the changes, this is the one I least expected and the one I most like!

Energy:  This is still hit or miss for me (in regard to tiger blood and all) but I do feel a slow awakening of desire to keep moving and not as much of a desire to rest or take naps as I would do on the weekends.

Sports, exercise and play:  I have started going to a gym again.  Started in week 3 and it was AWFUL!  I have kept it up and will try to get in at least 3 classes a week.  I think the time change will help with motivation to do this as well as all of the sleep.

Food and behaviors:  I'm not sure how anyone can go thru the entire 30 days and not have changed their relationship with food.  I certainly did.  It took a few days of tears and mourning the loss of that emotional support system, but I was able to live through it and feel stronger and cleaner because of it.  We made it through Valentine's Day (5th grade party, even!!).  My husband & I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary sharing a box of take-out food from the Whole Foods cafeteria and toasting with La Croix.  Yep, I had some emotion that came out on that day...  but I have learned that I don't NEED food to make an occasion special...it is the occasion itself, the people we are with and the food...well, it is the proverbial 'icing on the cake'.

Lifestyle and social:  The cooking, prepping, thinking about meals and choices has changed greatly too.  While we always were a cooking family, we have learned to rely more on vegetables than the pasta, rice, grain, etc.  We made our own ground pork...which we made into breakfast sausage & Italian sausage and the pride and excitement from doing that one experiment was so intoxicating.  Making the mayonnaise, the ketchup, the bar-b-q sauce....it really opened our minds to the things we CAN do and that we really do have time for.  I also made some new Instagram friends and followers...and have started following Whole 30 on Facebook which is so informative!

So, Whole 30...was it hard?  OMG! YES!!!!  My first week was BRUTAL!  The second week bearable!  The third week an emotional roller-coaster!  The fourth week stabilizing! and finally day 30...oh, so proud!  We are starting reintroduction today and will continue with W30 eating in between.  I would like to say that this is now our lifestyle...but life gets busy and messy and we as humans get lazy.  Many of the recipes will stay in the permanent rotation because they are just so tasty and I feel like I will revisit the book a lot in the coming months for reference and reassurance.

And finally....I am down 11 pounds in the 30 days!!!  I know this was not the goal and really...how could I not lose weight considering all of the junk that I was putting in my body prior to this, but I think that is a LOT in a short period of time without really trying.  It was just a side benefit...and one that I like!  

Thanks to everyone...and good luck on the rest of your journey!

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