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It's no April Fool's Joke! Starting 4/1 - join me!


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My daughter is starting her "adulating" process - just finished college, got the professional job, and her new boss has been a Whole30 fan and missionary for a while now.  She has motivated my daughter to join for her first Whole30, and I'm coming along for the ride. 

My journey has taken me through one cleanse about 4 years back, and I learned how reactionary I was to certain foods.  I then saw a naturopath and did a food sensitivity blood test which confirmed some "allergies" to foods, and identified even more!  When I follow my body's preferences, I do well.  However, I'm not great at sticking to them when I 'fudge a little' here and there.  So, this Whole30 should get me back on track.  I can't have eggs though, so that's still a frustration (for someone who was a chicken-keeper!). 

Would love to have the 4/1/17 group join this thread so we can cheer each other on!  I'm looking forward to feeling better again.


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Day two - how are my April foolers doing? 


Megan and I both feel like we're hung over (but didn't have any cheats yesterday - certainly not alcohol!!).  We do NOT feel good.  I, mistakenly thought that I would be fine, as I don't usually have a ton of processed foods or any real added sugars.  I guess I did not account for the sugars that are in things like my light vanilla soy milk I use for a latte or two each day.  Hmmm.  I guess I'll feel better by and by, like the books says, but am afraid that today it's even hard to get myself to the kitchen to cook anything as I really feel poorly. 

Another lesson from yesterday - mashed white sweet potato without any "goo" of any sort is WAY too dry and unpleasant.  Thoughts on what I can add to it next time?

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