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Day 3 and my super long intro!


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Hi everyone. I'm new here. I'm on my 3rd day, and I actually feel great. I'm surprised, I was not expecting to have this much energy, especially since I've cut way back on caffeine and I haven't gotten enough sleep the past two nights! Anyway, So, i was a vegetarian for most of the past 20 years. I have struggled with my weight and health problems (hormonal issues, ibs, mental illness, chronic pain, chronic fatigue). A few years back I finally decided that I needed to take responsibility for my health. I lost weight and started working out and running. The problem was that I was still engaging in unhealthy food practices. I would use laxatives to "make up" for binging. I would work out more, or skip meals. I did some of the prepackaged diets, etc. it worked. I lost 40 lbs. But it wasn't healthy. And when some major life stuff happened a couple years back (loss of a husband and a job all within a few weeks) I gave up completely and turned to food for comfort. Needless to say, that 40 lbs found its way right back. I have struggled ever since. 

Im tired of my unhealthy behaviors with food. I'm tired of going from one diet to the next with no results. I'm tired of being ashamed of what and how much I eat. I'm tired of never having energy, of being in pain all the time, of being scared to go to the doctor because of what the next round of tests might turn up.

I'm 37. I have 5 kids who need me to stick around and be active in their lives. I am a special education teacher and I work with kids with severe emotional and behavioral problems. I need to be able to run, lift, and move. 

More than that even, I'm tired of food controlling my life. I am in recovery, 7 1/2 years clean/sober. I have transferred my addictive behaviors with drugs and alcohol over to food and I'm not willing to do that anymore. I want to be healthy. 

So i read the part in the whole 30 for vegetarians and vegans, and here I am. There were some cravings last night when I was at the grocery store, but it actually felt good to not give in for once. I'm a bit headachy, my skin is blotchy, I have some weird digestion things happening, and I'm tired, but not as bad as I expected. I got the "real plans" app and I am LOVING the food. All in all, I'm excited and I feel like I'm finally taking control of my body and my health. It's a good feeling. 


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