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Marie's Post-Whole30 Log

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Creating this to track my reintroduction experiences.

Day 31:

Decided to start with dairy, because it's the off-plan item I'm most interested in reintroducing. What I want most is yogurt, so I limited my Day 1 reintro to one cup of plain, full-fat yogurt at noon. That's the most likely portion and timing I would have in post-W30 life.

I've read that yogurt is one of the least-likely dairy items to cause problems, so I was surprised when my stomach immediately began gurgling, with some mild pain, and I felt like I'd swallowed a ton of bricks. The feeling soon cleared up.

Then, after a compliant dinner hours later that did not include anything new, I had the absolute worst gas pains I'd had in months. They were similar to what I'd experience after pizza, which I'd pretty much given up a couple years ago because it made me feel so awful. These were still happening after I went to bed (very early--I've had some rough nights lately, not related to food, and could barely stay awake).

Beginning of Day 32:

Today I had a couple tablespoons of heavy cream in my coffee. This is the only dairy I'll have today. Again, it's what I'd most like to bring back into my life, and I wanted to separate it from the yogurt day. In a perfect world, I'd have separated these intros by several days, but I think this will be OK. So far, no symptoms at all. I did have a bad reaction to a family situation this morning, but I'm not going to blame it on the cream just yet. That plus the sleep issues are pretty much due to having one pre-teen and two teenagers in the house, a situation beyond even the Whole30.

An NSV I just noticed--I'd had a couple of small, hard bumps on my chest, no doubt from past sun exposure. (I get checked for skin cancer every year; these are benign but are annoying nonetheless). They seem to have gotten a lot smaller. I've also been better about moisturizer lately, so perhaps that's it, but I'm going to keep an eye on them plus other skin issues.

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