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Success in Stockholm


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I just finished my first Whole30 - and I am really content. I:

  • felt fine from day one until the end
  • had lots of energy throughout the program
  • started sleeping really well
  • stopped having heartburns
  • started to love cooking (again)
  • found lots of new great dishes
  • loved being sober at parties
  • managed to travel and stay in hotels, with a bit of effort
  • had the easiest period and PMS in my entire life
  • got tons of compliments for looking so healthy and good
  • lost five pounds and reached a BMI of 24,9 - I am no longer overweight
  • lost one inch and reached a waistline of 31 inches - a healthy one
  • just loved every day of it - and will do a new Whole30 starting February 1 2013

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Congrats! I also live in Stockholm and I plan to start a whole30 on the 1 of March. I have almost read the book but I thought my boyfriend should have time to read it too. He says he will do it with me but he is very sceptical so we'll see. But I've already started with excluding gluten and dairy as often as possible. I'm not overweight but I hope to see improvements of my skin and scalp and maybe my period. And that it will be easier to resist snacks and candy.

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