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May 22nd - Llaly's W30 Log


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Hi! I'm starting this to motivate me to log in each day and to keep track of what I eat and how I feel each day. I find that if I physically write these down in a journal I tend to ramble and then focus unhealthily on the amounts I'm eating. I have a history of calorie counting and do not want to bring that back. 

I also want to keep these short and to the point!

Day 01:

  • B: two bananas, black coffee, leftover salad
  • L: salad, turkey tomatillo soup
  • Snack: banana
  • D: spaghetti squash with garlic and basil sauce

Personal goals:

  • To use this reset to find out which foods I'm sensitive to, as I know it's changed but I've been having trouble pinning it down to more than just dairy.
  • To cut the "ramen" food group out of my diet.
  • To sleep better.
  • To drink more water!
  • To not overthink this. :) 


I'm lucky to have an aunt I'm close to who did Whole30 with a huge group of her friends and they've all been really supportive and awesome about giving me advice. My aunt called me over to her house on Saturday and gave me a ton of coconut milk, oils, nut butters, salad dressings and all sorts of things that helped her and her friends get through it their first time! Certainly made my first shopping haul cheaper! <3

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Day 02:

  • B: coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon (not as creamy as Pinterest would have me believe, but not bad!)
  • L: homemade turkey sausage hash*
  • S: bananas
  • D: probably salad and turkey hash

*So last night my spaghetti squash didn't work out. For some reason I thought I was too tired to make spaghetti squash + pasta sauce, but I was totally up to making my own turkey sausage and then chopping up a bunch of vegetables. It's delicious! Parsnips, carrots, celery, butternut squash, little garlic, and a chopped apple. 

Mood: I've been irritable lately anyway, I don't think this is really related to W30, but I'll note it anyway. There's never going to be a perfect time to do this, and I happened to do it right after a big move, while getting bad dental work and then getting that dental work fixed, and unexpectedly starting my period. Yay! But like they say in the book, this is not hard. This is one thing I can control that will help me feel better in the long run and honestly isn't so different from how I normally eat. I can do this!

See my last goal: don't overthink it. 


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Day 03:

  • B: coconut milk coffee, bananas, and nut butter
  • L: turkey sausage hash
  • S: two avocados, a yellow bell pepper, pickles
  • D: Vegetable soup with basically everything I have left lol

Mood: I was not the greatest at planning ahead this week! But I'm not going to beat myself up about that; last week I had dental work that caused more problems that are being fixed this week, I had my wallet stolen Monday morning, my phone broke Sunday night and I've just recently moved and my kitchen is a bit disorganized - so I think I had valid reasons! That said, I feel like the one thing that hasn't really stressed me out is  my food, so that's great!

My phone is fixed, my new cc is coming in the mail and my teeth are feeling much better - I'm excited to see how I feel this time next week, not having to deal with this crap! 

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Day 04:

  • B: black coffee, woke up late
  • L: SnapKitchen Naked Beef
  • S: bananas, raisins, some pineapple. 
  • D: SnapKitchen Mexican chicken with riced cauliflower

Mood: Pretty good. Thank God for SnapKitchen and their Whole30 approved list!

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Man, the holiday weekend made it tough for me to get online, so here's a deluge of info!

Day 05 (Friday)

  • B: Banana, black coffee
  • L: Snapkitchen roasted cauliflower with a salad and some roasted chicken
  • D: Brussels sprout/bacon/hashed potato patties (from the Whole30 cookbook)
  • S: banana, orange

*Friday afternoon I had a half day, so I went grocery shopping (for, like, two hours :wacko:) with a grocery list so I could make several specific things from the Whole30 book and the Whole30 cookbook. I spent Friday night making salmon patties, sprout/spud patties, and everything I needed to make pork meatballs and kale chips. Making those tonight!

Day 06 (Saturday)

  • B: bacon and eggs, black coffee
  • L: sprout/bacon/hash patty and salmon patties
  • D: OO sautéed bell peppers, onions, eggplant, tomatoes and jalapenos with grilled steak 
  • S: dates and roasted nuts 

*Went out to dinner with my parents after picking them up at the airport. Successfully kept to it!

Day 07 (Sunday)

  • B: scrambled eggs, spinach, bell peppers, onions, bacon, black coffee
  • L: salmon patties
  • D: salmon patties, sprout patties
  • S: more dates (which I honestly think I need to relax on, I've discovered dates are my weakness, probably because they're pure sugar).

Day 08 (Monday)

  • B: scrambled eggs and whole30 compliant kielbasa
  • L: more sprout/spud and salmon patties
  • D: salad
  • S: banana, a couple dates, roasted nuts 

Mood: honestly, Monday was really tough and I was pretty hangry and negative about everything. It was a struggle.

Day 09 (Tuesday - today)

  • B: banana, black coffee, smoked salmon
  • L: TBD
  • D: TBD
  • S: TBD

Mood: really hungry right now.

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Day 09 (Tuesday - yesterday)

  • B: banana, black coffee, smoked salmon
  • L: smoked salmon, leftover salad, salmon patties
  • D: Spaghetti squash and meatballs with Rao's spaghetti sauce
  • S: toasted almonds and a ton of kale chips I made

Mood: bloated and pimply tbh.

Day 10 (Wednesday - today)

  • B: meatballs, black coffee
  • L: leftover spaghetti squash & meatballs
  • D: thai beef made in my crockpot - DELICIOUS
  • S: nuts and raisins and kale chips

Mood: still bloated and pimply.

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