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Taming the Lioness


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I know this section is dedicated to recipes, but I'd really like to share a dream I had last night.

I was a student at a teaching hospital, when a lioness was found roaming around campus, terrorizing people left and right. I made it my mission to tame the lion. Without going into gory detail, it was a brutal, drawn out adventure. Later in the dream, the lioness and I were in the main corridor, surrounded by people. She thrashed and took a good chunk out of my leg as I stroked her, trying to calm her. She slowly began to purr and submit. The crowd cheered! I left the battle injured, but victorious nonetheless.

I am on day 3 and this is the second dream I've had about defeating a large cat. Talk about symbolism. Anywho, here's a pic I snapped of my breakfast!

2 homemade pork patties

3 cups kale and mustard greens, sautéed with tomato slices, salt, pepper, cayenne, and evoo

1/2 avocado

On day 1 I pre-made some pork and chicken breast to keep handy to supplement my meals. Toss in some quick sautéed/roasted/raw veggies, and I've got a quick easy meal! What do y'all like to eat for breakfast when you're in a pinch?


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