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Beginning My 2nd Whole30 5/29/17


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Hello!  My name is Donna. I'm 44 years old and I completed my first Whole30 almost a year ago but I am brand new to the forum.  Because of Whole30, I have lost 40 pounds in the last year and have made major lifestyle changes that I believe have made me as healthy as I can possibly be at my current weight.  I started this journey because I got on the scale on my 44th birthday and weighed 298 pounds.  I suddenly remembered a day years ago when I got on the scale and weighed 198 pounds.  I swore on that day I would never let it get to 200!  Here I was about a decade later and 100 pounds heavier.  It wasn't a good day.  I felt like a complete failure.  My sister, who is also overweight and diabetic told me about Whole30.  A friend of hers had done it and raved about his success.  We knew it was radical but we knew we needed radical.  30 days later, I felt so much better and was 16 pounds lighter.  My sister lost over 20 pounds and was able to lower the dosage of her diabetes medication considerably.  After my 30 days, I mostly stayed within the framework of the program but made a few alterations here and there and continued to lose another 25 pounds.  Then I started a new job, then the holidays hit and I've spiraled out of control quite a bit since then.  I've managed to not gain any of my weight back but I've definitely stalled.  My sister didn't stick to the program and has put her 20 pounds back on and is back to her original dosage of her diabetes meds.  She told me a couple of weeks ago that she has decided to have gastric bypass surgery.  I want it to be a good thing for her and she has the blessing of every medical professional she has seen.  This isn't the way I want to do this however.  So here I am. My 45th birthday is in two weeks and I don't care.  I know I will want cake and spaghetti (my favorite meal) but I know this is the best present I could ever give myself.  I need to completely reset, stop wasting time and change my life for good!

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