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LesTodd's W30: started 6/1/17


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6/1, Day One:

I'm 64, a sturdy woman but overweight by about 15 lbs. I used to be good about exercise but have really crapped out in the last couple years (except for running a half-marathon this January as a personal challenge to myself.) So here we go: Day 1:

Breakfast: two eggs, yellow bell pepper and tomatoes scrambled up in light olive oil. Lunch: hamburger patty and a lot of mixed veggies. Drank hot tea and coffee for my very sore throat. Dinner: chicken, bell peppers and carrots I threw in the crockpot this morning. No discomfort from the food because I feel so lousy from strep throat. But expect to have enough energy to cook a lot tomorrow afternoon (no clients, yay!) and be ready for the weekend. I love all the recipes I'm seeing, and I think the Real Plan is a game-changer since I did my first W30 three years ago. This second one should be a lot easier, thanks to more ready-made products like compliant mayo.

I had hellacious carb flu my first go-round and hope it's milder this time...but I'm ready either way. Best wishes to everyone else!






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Day 2: I am not good with navigating this blog stuff. Excuse me if I am posting in the wrong places...But today I had:

Breakfast: omelet with 2 eggs, ham, spinach and mushrooms, and coffee

Lunch: avgolemono soup (chicken, carrots, lemony broth)--all homemade so I know it's compliant

Dinner: pork belly (thank you, Trader Joe's! never had this before), fingerling potatoes, homegrown tomatoes with compliant mayo.  Yum!

Walked five miles despite my cold, and other than being fatigued (mostly from the cold), I feel optimistic and good! And I hope all y'all

are doing well, too!


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Day 3 (Sat.) and Day 4 (Sun.)

Saturday I started at my new gym, which has many more classes, plus an indoor running track and pool (awesome for Louisiana summers). I did a Zumba class and met a new acquaintance (one of my big goals: make more friends).

I cooked up more provisions--butternut squash, MORE homegrown roasted tomatoes, green beans, deviled eggs.

Sat: Meal 1: eggs scramble with bacon, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, coffee.

       Meal 2:  avgolemono soup (still have this bad cold)

        Meal 3: chicken, raw carrot, roasted onions and tomatoes. (felt really bad, went to bed early)

Sun: Meal 1: egg scramble with tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage; coffee

       Meal 2:  Pork, roasted onions and tomatoes, carrots (raw), almonds,

        Meal 3: hamburger patty (at a party); at home green beans almandine in avocado oil dressing; deviled egg; roasted tomato.

Drinking tons of La Croix sparkling water, and hot tea at night. Amazed that I am not missing my afternoon coffee (that I used to have with plain sugar.) Other than this cold, I feel fine. I recognize that my diet isn't varied enough yet, but I now have squash and green beans prepared, and I have spinach for tomorrow as well and some yellow bell peppers to use as "cups".  Cooking a tri-tip roast tonight. Feeling much better from cold. No negative W30 symptoms, and I have visibly lost a lot of bloat.


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Good morning Down Under, Shawnni. I hope today will be a good day for you! It is early afternoon here in Louisiana, and I've just had Meal 2.

I am optimistic, getting over my cold, but so drowsy that I had to take a nap at noon! Then I wolfed down Meal 2 and now, with a cup of black coffee, I am going to try to get my butt in gear for the rest of the day.  Keep up your good work!

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Day Nine:

I've been compliant and have had various ups and downs. Downs: headache Day 1, fatigue a couple days, bathroom issues, crabby last night about food choices. Ups: definitely looser clothes, more energy most days (including waking up fine at 5:45 this morning, willing to cook breakfast muffins).  I've gone to the gym 7 out of nine days, and today did my first weights class there.  I've gotten at least 10K steps all but one day.  All this while still having this blasted cold. 

I know Day Nine and Day Ten are often tough, so I've warned my accountability partner and we stay in close touch. I'm kinda fatigued after the weight class and walking a fast mile, and my gut is a little off. But I'm ready to power through the weekend and soon we will be halfway through:  that will be next Thursday.  Thank God for potatoes and La Croix sparkling water.


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