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  1. MrsZimm13

    Failed Mayo 101

    I make mayo one time with my hand emulsifier and although it worked, my hand stick got very hot, and it took over 5 minutes to fully blend the mayo. It was not super thick either. Now, I use the same recipe in my Ninja. Start with 1 egg, 1/4 cup light olive oil or avocado oil, 1 tsp dry mustard, sea salt in the bowl of the ninja- on high blend for 15 second, now, SLOWLY add a steady light stream of 1 cup of the same oil to the bowl as the blade still spins on high. I blend it until the timer hits 2.5 minutes- then I blend in my lemon juice. It's been super thick and perfect each time. I think a lot of the failed mayo has to do with the lack of power of the blender/mixer/hand stick.
  2. MrsZimm13

    Why no weightloss?

    LadyShanny- Thank you For taking the time to respond. I know that I need to focus on the medical markers... It is just so hard to not care about the number. I need to work on that. And I will. Thanks again for chiming in. I enjoyed reading your post, and the last paragraph made me smile. I needed that. Thanks!
  3. MrsZimm13

    Why no weightloss?

    Thank you for the article on coffee. Although I was having 1-2 cups in the morning, I'm going to give it up. My health vs drinking a cup of coffee I know which one wins. And I'm going to try very hard to eat within an hour of waking. Eating just isn't appealing first thing in the morning. But, I will give it a go.
  4. MrsZimm13

    Why no weightloss?

    Hi- my DR is a functional Dr. Been seeing her for 2.5 years. I believe in a more natural way to better Heath... Eating right, I take the supplements she recommends and have extensive blood work tests that are pretty amazing, actually. Last time I saw her, I showed her my food log of my first 30 days on W30 and asked her if she could see anything that I didn't do right to lose weight. She told me, in a nice way, that I needed to watch my portions. Specifically a serving of avocado is 1/8 not a 1/2 or whole avocado... I then explained I'm doing Whole 30, and she had heard of it, but still told me to watch portions. Then she went onto saying there is nothing wrong with skipping a meal, or not eating when not hungry. She drinks a cup on black coffee in the morning and is good until lunch. She suggested I give that a try...I'm not doing that. I like the While 30 and that I can eat good food. I don't want to skip meals and be miserable. Thank you for taking the time to offer this suggestion.
  5. MrsZimm13

    Why no weightloss?

    Thank you for this added information. Coffee is getting the boot starting tomorrow morning. I truly appreciate your input. And I will read the article after work.
  6. MrsZimm13

    Why no weightloss?

    Hi Jon- Yes, you picked up on me wanting to lose weight. Not caring about how much I weigh is easier said than done. Maybe there is no easy answer to why the weight isn't coming off, but I can't help but to want an answer. If I had "the" answer, I could change something that I'm doing.... Here's to another round of Whole 30 and not weighing for 30 days. Cheers!
  7. MrsZimm13

    Why no weightloss?

    Hi- yes, my first Whole30 I stopped drinking coffee at day 2 or 3. At the end of Whole 30 #1 is when I had my blood draw for the next DR appointment. It was from that blood draw (no coffee for 27 day) that my cortisol was high. I really think my levels were high that morning because I had an hour drive to the appt and hit bad traffic and it turned into 1.5 hours in the car and me being 30 min late. Stress. I stopped drinking coffee because the DR told me on the prior appt that my cortisol levels were high.... Thus I eliminated coffee. I was blown away when the blood tests results showed an increase in cortisol. It didn't make sense since I had gone without coffee....and, I'm not in love with coffee. I would never drink it again if eliminating it helped me lose weight, but in the experiment I did, it didn't make a difference in weightloss or cortisol levels. I have also looked on line for research to back up eating within an hour of waking, I've read that advice on the W30 forum, but have yet to find anything (outside of this forum) which supports that practice as a way to stop cortisol levels from rising. Any chance you know of a reference I can read on that theory? It's frustrating to be compliant (to my knowledge, I've not been in violation of the rules) travel and make the best choices possible all the while being mindful of the rules, sourcing appropriate foods and not really receive a meaningful benefit (weightloss) after all the effort. I've even been mindful to exercise each day- I walk and strive for 10,000 steps per day, and practice yoga a few times a week I'm truly searching for answers and any other suggestions, I will try. I have 30 pounds to lose; it's not as if I'm close to goal weight. My intention was to continue on Whole 30 until my next DR appt in December, because what I care about even more than weightloss is getting out of the Insulin Resistance category that I'm in. I am very close, and I think Whole30 is getting me to where I need to be in that regard. I will eliminate coffee again, for the next Whole30 go round, and see what happens. Thank you for your advice.
  8. MrsZimm13

    Why no weightloss?

    Hi Shannon- Thank you for your reply. Yes, I've had NSVs, but I want scale victories too. You noted that I ate a few Lara bars- if you read the commentary along with the food log, I was at a tradeshow where I was surrounded by literally every known junk food produced. I made the best food choices I could and when breakfast was eggs (only) it was not out of choice, but out of necessity of the situation. Aside from those few days- because I can't imagine those few days caused me not to lose weight, what is going on? Is the lack of weight loss because I'm not eating enough carbs? Is that even possible? As for reintros, I only need to test soy at this time. That's the one eliminated food that I don't know how I tolerate. I'll test it and move forward. I really would like someone to explain why I'm not losing pounds. I have 63 days of data on my food log. I've faithfully logged each meal every day. Thank you
  9. Dear Moderators- I've just completed my second whole 30 which came 3 days after my first whole 30, so 60 days in close proximity. I've not lost any weight- not one pound in these 60 days. The "it starts with Food" book states that weight loss is built into the program. It is referenced that people average losing 6-15 pounds during a whole 30. So, I have to ask, why have I not lost any weight? Could it be because I'm not eating enough carb dense veggies? That would seem kind of crazy, but I just don't know. I log my food daily and I'm exercising. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. Here is my food log for the past 7 days: Day 23 9/6 Coffee Walked dogs B 1 egg, 1/4 c salmon, coconut oil, roasted veggies- very filling Yoga L tomato, pepper olive salad, 2 fish cakes with tartar sauce Walked to Barb's. I did not walk enough today. I have 7000 steps D eggplant, meatloaf and Romenesco sauce I've been reading about Omega 3s and I'm trying to have a serving of fish each day. Canned salmon, even wild caught, is very reasonably priced at Aldi. Day 24 9/7 Coffee B- 2 eggs, cubed ham, spinach, onions, peppers, coconut oil L- spinach salad, tuna, avocado oil & balsamic Packing to go to Omaha. 3 day trip. Pool D- pork chop, collards, tomatoes. Need my evening walk. When I was packing for my trip, I tried on some jeans that I could not even squeeze into a month ago and I can wear them! That got me trying on other items and I got into a skirt that I have not worn in 4 years. My hubs says it looks good. I'm pleased. What a great NSV. Day 25 9/8 Coffee Walked dogs B- bacon, 2 eggs, spinach and onions cooked in coconut oil.....well, McLovin, the cat ate my breakfast. I had set it aside (before I ate any) to answer an email and low and behold, he ate! But this was bad, because I was rushing about trying to tie up loose ends and get to the airport. I ended up having a small amour of eggplant and meatloaf with Romanesco sauce and a bowl of golden cauliflower soup. Out the door with a banana and water No lunch per se D- guacamole with fresh veggies to dip, seared tuna tacos (no shell), plank salmon and Brussels sprouts. That sounds like a lot if food, but it wasn't. And after eating the salmon and guacamole with veggies, I was still hungry. I have close to 11,000 steps today. Day 26 9/9-Omaha Slept terrible last night. I was up for 2 hours in the middle of the night. B-3 eggs, small banana. The eggs made me sad. The yoke was so pale it was almost white. I didn't feel good about eating these inferior eggs. Snack Cashews and an apple, buffalo jerky L- spinach salad, shrimp, smoked chicken, avocado, olive oil, balsamic- very good salad. Snack- Kit's organic bar...OMG it was so delicious! Fruit and nut bar-cashew D-taking customers out to dinner. Going to a steak joint and I've already called to let them know I have dairy allergies. 1 lamb lollipop, seared tuna, salad, 2 asparagus, 2 mushrooms, 2 pieces of eggplant, spinach I feel like I ate a lot today, but breakfast was not whole so I fortified with snacks. This will not derail me– forging forward. Day 27 9/10 in Omaha at tradeshow. Coffee B 4 hard boiled eggs, small banana S tea, apple, Lara bar-yummy but very sweet. L hamburger with buffalo sauce, tomato, pickle, lettuce D Chicken Fajita, guacamole Planning trip to CA and OR with Kas for next weekend. Pretty stoked about hiking, going to the hot springs, yoga, visiting Crater Lake National Park. We are camping one night in a teepee the other nights in a tent. The extended forecast is looking like perfect weather. Now...what to pack for compliant meals. Day 28 Wide awake at 5 am. The only reasonable thing to do is go to the sunroom and research ideas for my trip to CA and OR. Clean and laundry. Coffee Walked with Norm B-3 bacon, 1/2 avocado, 2.5 eggs, roasted veggies, spinach, onion, avocado oil. I needed this good breakfast! Tasted so good and I'm nicely full. 1/2 c frozen blueberries- refreshing Packed for the pleasure portion of my oncoming trip. L-2 fish cakes, collards, butternut squash with tomato sauce. D-pulled pork, chicken, tomato/pepper/beet salad. I didn't have enough veggies. We were eating at my cousins house they had corn, and a kale salad which had mayo in it. So, I just had a large serving of the tomato salad that I brought. 1/2 of an apple when cake was served. Day 29 Coffee, coconut cream B 2 eggs, ham steak, roasted veggies, avocado oil L pork butt, cauliflower cooked with egg in avocado oil Walk S blueberries, small apple Short stroll while waiting to be sat for dinner. D lobster, drawn butter, roasted fingerling potatoes, salad with olive oil and vinegar. 2 figs Day 30- our anniversary. 8 wonderful years. The big day is here! I am glad I stuck to it for another 30 days...I see more 30 day snipits in my future. Coffee Drop Lucy at Vet Yoga B 2 eggs, 1 sausage patty, coconut oil L spinach salad and a cup of beef veggie soup. This meal was too light on protein. Volunteered at the animal rescue, food shopped S cashews We cooked together- sausage/tomato soup, cauliflower/parsnip mash, roasted veggies, sausage patties, cooked venison sausage for Thursday night dinner. D 2 sausage patties, roasted veggies, coconut oil
  10. MrsZimm13

    Hair Loss?

    Roasted, they are fine. I actually like them frozen roasted. The center stas moist and doesn't dry out.
  11. MrsZimm13

    Hair Loss?

    If you like Brussels sprouts, you may want to look for them in the freezer section. They are prepped and ready to cook. In my grocery store approximately $1.29 for a 12 oz bag.
  12. MrsZimm13

    One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:

    I've been on a business tr for 3 days and was beat- got I. Last night at 10pm. I loved on myself and stayed in bed until 9:26 am! I'm getting up and going into the garden for a while.