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6/13 feeling encouraged


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Day 13 and feeling like this program is opening doors to a new way of eating and thinking about food. I wore a dress yesterday to my kids piano recital that definitely fit better than it has in years.

My husband and I have declined some invites with friends who we tend to drink a lot of wine with when we meet. I definitely have a hard time being around others that are drinking although I have been experimenting at home with sparkling water and splash of juice with fresh lime. Although that isn't wine, its satisfying as a mocktail. 

Another revelation: I was looking for advil yesterday for one of my kids and it dawned on me that I haven't reached for it since I began Whole30. I often get fatigue headaches mid day but those are nonexistent at this point.  

I'm really grateful to my husband for getting me on board. It is really helpful to have in-house support and planning meals has been less of a drag than it actually was outside the program. I like having rules! Defiantly helps me. 


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