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Emma's Post-W30


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I am still in the middle of reintroduction, so I am not sure what I will eat post-W30.

So far, I have tried dairy, and it did not work out at all. I became congested, bloated, and tired, so dairy is out from everyday life. I might have a piece of cheese at a party and I will not panic if someone has used butter in a meal, but I am not going to eat or use dairy at home.

I have also reintroduced smoothies. I make them with rocket salad, celery, fresh ginger, lemon, 1/2 banana, 1/2 avocado, unsweetened coconut water and plain water. All compliant ingredients, but, as you might remember, smoothies were not allowed on W30. But now, post-W30, they are back in my life and I believe they are both superhealthy and wonderful to start the day with!

Otherwise I am still following the guidelines for Whole30, but I have two more weeks of reintroduction ahead of me, so things might change.

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Two weeks after W30, with most reintroductions done, I am getting rather sure about what to and what not to eat in the future. I will:

  • avoid dairy
  • avoid wheat
  • limit sugar
  • limit alcohol
  • eat whole grains
  • eat legumes

I have found out that dairy seems to be the main problem for me, which I have never known, although I have suspected it before. During reintroduction I found out that dairy made me all bloated and congested and that I could barely breath after a piece of cheese. It was almost scary.

Wheat is out of other reasons, I just do not think it is healthy, even if my body might be OK with it.

Sugar and alcohol I will save for special occasions, and then in a limited quantity. They are definitely not adding to my health, but occasionally it might be OK to have some, out of social reasons.

Finally - and against W30 - I will continue to eat whole grains and legumes. They make me feel really good, gives me energy, and makes me happy.

Whole grains is perhaps cultural; here in Sweden we eat dark bread made of whole grains, but no wheat, no sugar, no dairy. I love it and during reintroduction I realized that my body loves it as well. The reaction was almost as strong as the one I had to dairy; although opposite. My body just jumped out of happiness to have its old, whole grains again, and my stomach immediately turned perfect.

Legumes is more a convenient thing. I might not eat them at home, but there are several good organic, vegan places I like to have lunch at, that always serves legumes. It will make my life easier if I eat legumes and my body seems to handle it well.

I will probably do another Whole30 staring February 1 2013, but until then I will eat like above. Although I might have to leave this forum, since I am not following the Whole30-principles.

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