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Made my first Whole30!!!


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Can't believe I made it! Because I WAS such a sugar monster!!  No sugar, sweeteners, dairy, grains, legumes, alcohol  and decided to give up coffee as well! Which was very wise. Lost almost 10lbs. and a few inches! Can't believe I waited to weigh myself for 30 days. I just gained 15 pounds in the last year due to thyroid. I am a lifelong walker/runner so I have that going for me. I ate more food than normal. Sleeping way better, skin looks better. I plan on continuing after trying a few foods back! I know I no longer want to be a slave to sugar and processed foods! Master chopper monster now! I am going to give up nightshades and such for the next 60 or so days due to hypothyroidism and other autoimmune problems! Can't wait to see changes there. Plan on starting in a week or so. But staying close to the Whole30 of course!!! Survived lots of withdrawals!!!!

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