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Started first Whole30 June 23rd and restarted the next day :angry:

Was soooo tired from a stressful day with extended family and didn't register that "Swiss" is, in fact, CHEESE and therefore DAIRY!!! AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH !!!

So now I know how danger danger it is to be stressed, tired, hungry and ordering over the counter, even at Farmer Boys ...

Started over the next day 6/25 and have been going strong. Cooking is an issue since I get worn out way too fast and Hubs usually does the cooking for us, so we're both getting used to RealPlans! Yes, I was one of those who ordered recipes for all 3 meals every day all week :wacko:  I'm better now and do dinners with leftovers for lunch and extras for brekky.

Really glad to be missing another wheat withdrawal, had that when I started EAT FAT GET THIN 2nd week of February and been mostly on that with BULLETPROOF mixed in. Then I found out what my trigger foods are for carbbing out to the MaX ... not even going to write them down ... trying to forget, should be no problem! LOLZ

Giving myself a gold star for endless elipses and going to bed b4 FitBit Rosie shocks me for staying up 2L8!


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