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I'm 54 and for the past 20 years I have tried  almost every weight loss program there is to end up failing and becoming a yoyo dieter.  I have hypothyroidism and recently was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism.  I am having surgery in August to remove the tumors that are causing a lot of issues including osteoporosis, bone pain, GERD, and fatigue.  I did a round of Whole30 last year and I started to feel better but unfortunately I gave up to unhealthy habits. I want to start after surgery but I am reading the posts in this forum to learn more about the program.   I am reading the books right now and I'm looking forward to a healthier lifestyle.  I understand this program is not for weight loss, but rather to develop healthy eating habits.  I have come to terms that although it would be nice to lose 30 pounds that would not be my main goal anymore.  I am going to focus on eating the right foods and exercise more.  

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