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Whole60 log - ldmcniel


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I'm starting a whole60 today, July 27. I completed my first whole30 May 30, and I was so happy with my results. But...then we drove from Alaska to Georgia for almost a month and all my progress and my plans flew out the window. So I'm back, and I'm here to stay. That's why I'm doing this for 60 days. I want to reset my body AND my habits for the long haul. I wasn't super great at logging last time, but I'm hoping to keep track of everything so I can see the results of doing this for longer than 30 days. I know in probably 2 weeks I'll get bored of my food, so I need to start looking for fun, new recipes... 


Today, I really just want caffeine...but I can't stand plain coffee or coffee with just almond/coconut milk in it. Blegh. So in addition to the whole60, I'm dropping caffeine. I did it last time and eventually felt so much better, so I know it's worth it. The first week just sucks. I also know that coffee is like a gateway for me because when I have anything with coffee in it I want it to be suuuuuper sweet...

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