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Ouisie's Post-Whole30 Journal


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Welcome to my personal post-whole30 ramblings. I hope folks will comment on my challenges and struggles and I may be able to give some additional insight from my posted solutions. Today is July 28th, 2017 and tomorrow is my final day of my first Whole30. I am trying to put a few new habits in place so I will be ready to kick off on D31. My first reintroduction food will be wine. I am picking up a bottle of Frey red wine since they are organic and have no or minimal sulfates. That way I can see the effect of the alcohol separate from the sulfate in the wine. 

I will be back to my Post-Whole30 journal on Sunday, July 30th. Can't wait.

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July 30th is Day 31!

I took my weight and measurements and the results were less than stellar. I lost 4 pounds but I just have 12 pounds I want to lose so I am down to 8 pounds to go. I only lost a half inch in my hips everything else stayed the same. I think I will reintroduce my wine today and do some research on how to continue with the W30 and increase my exercise so I can drop a few more pounds.

Day 31 -

Meal 1 - 2 scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, 1 W30 bacon, 1/2 peach

Meal 2 - 1 W30 hotdog, small palm cashews

Reintro - Frey Cabernet Sauvignon 2 glasses 

Meal 3 - Pork/Beef ground mix, W30 Tomato sauce, spaghetti squash, salad and ranch dressing.

So far, the reintro has been easy. The Frey wine is very smooth and doesn't have an edge. This is probably because the sulfites are negligible.

I am feeling pretty secure just continuing with the W30. I don't really need the wine. I have been fine with my fancy sparkling water in the evening.  More later on what I decide to do to kick the weight lose up a notch.


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Well the wine completely disrupted my sleep. I tossed and turned all night and for some reason my joints ached a lot more than usual. So I may finish the bottle over several months. My next alcohol test may be with Vodka since I don't think it has any sugar or sulfites. 

Day 32 went well:

meal1 - chicken thigh and spaghetti squash and 1/2 grapefruit

meal2 - cabbage salad with 1 chicken thigh and 1 T ranch dressing

PreWO - W30hot dog

PostWO - 3 pieces chicken jerky

meal3 - 2 chicken thighs with 2T pesto and spaghetti sauce

My plan is to move forward with my W30. I am really trying to figure out how to lose some more weight. More later on how I do that.


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Day 33 report - my meal plan is:

meal1 - butternut squash soup with my pork/beef mix - no fruit this morning

meal2 - cabbage salad ( my go to main stay) with 1 palm shrimp and 1T avacado mayo

meal3 plan - pulled pork, sweet potato and sauteed veggies

Not sure I will workout today. Lots going on with work.  I slept really restless last night - actually got up at 3:30 for about and hour then went back to bed. Don't know why that was. I am thinking maybe not taking my Benydril. I am working om my meal plan for next week and will try to keep to the lower calorie proteins which may help with some wt. loss.

More later.

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Day 33 went well and I stuck with my meal3 plan. Did not workout but will try to get to the gym today. I had a handfull of mixed nuts with dried fruit in the afternoon and the dried strawberries had some sugar in them. I have been saving my little treat bag since my birthday (July 20th) and finally had a chance to try the mix.  It was really good and I don't expect any issues from that small amount of sugar.

Here we go! Meal Plan for Day 34 -

meal1 - 2 eggs, sauteed spinach, mushrooms and tomatos with cilantro and peach salsa. - Done!

meal2 - shrimp salad

preWO - 1 W30 hotdog with little mayo

postWO - Epic chicken Jerky

meal3 - chicken with Spaghetti Squash and Pesto, plus a veggie sautee mix

Since I am hosting a luncheon for a real estate office I will stay busy. Besides, I did not buy food for me, even though the cookies have been calling my name since I picked them up yesterday. I love chocolate chip cookies!!!! but I did not indulge. 

Living on the Whole30 is not hard. The key is still doing the cook-up ahead of time. Hubby Joe is starting to 'mooch' some of MY food so I may have to do a double cookup of things like - Cabbage Salad and Ranch Dressing.

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Today was a hot mess. I did well up to lunch, which I did not have until 2:00. I followed my plan but was rather restless with deprivation anxiety! I am sure you have felt that before - I want anything that I have deprived myself of for the last 34 ++ days. The things I get pulled to are sweets or starches. Most of these I have tagged as belonging to hubby Joe so I won't eat them. But I am not sure what happened - I finally broke down and said "what the heck" , I have been perfect and I am not waiting for weeks to figure out how each thing affects me so ......  the easiest and closest cheat ended up being a center slice of Whole Foods Sourdough Bread, definitely NOT gluten free.  I am now experiencing the result of that cheat.  My sinuses have blown up and my eyes are all puffy. Well Dang it - at least I know what gluten does to me!

Well back to the clean eating. This proves that all that junk is not worth it. I just wish I could be more intentional with my "re-entry" . 

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I also got lazy from my 4pm gluten bash. Dinner was W30 but more of a grab and go. I had butternut soup and my pork/beef mix. Microwaved and done. Poor hubby was on his own - so he eats MY cabbage salad with chicken and W30 ranch dressing. HEY - that stuff came off MY shelf in the fridge! His shelf is almost empty so I have almost converted him to W30 when eating at home.  I decided to make my unintentional reintro - intentional. The result of the gluten extended into the early morning with a rumbly lower GI but all is well. I put 1t of agave in my coffee this morning and will see what a little natural sugar does. I am thinking it will be OK. I can't imagine 1t of anything would have a big impact. Maybe I am being a bit over sensitive. 

Today's plan (more of a guideline) for Day 35 -

meal 1 - veggie cookup with 1/2 cup egg substitute (=2 eggs)

meal 2 - shrimp salad with avocado mayo, tomato and endive (my new favorite)

meal 3 - chicken, spaghetti squash and pesto

preWO - W30 hotdog with mayo, postWO - chicken jerky

My eyes are starting to get puffy and dry - could this be from the agave this morning or a hold over from the gluten bash! Or could this just be allergies! OMG  I am inclined to go back to the plain clean W30 to stop 2nd guessing all this stuff. That way I just blame it on south Texas allergies.

More later.

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Day 35 has been up and down. Meal1 and Meal2 were as planned. I got busy before my workout and did not do do my pre-WO protein nor my post-WO protein. I have never really thought much about pre- and post- workout meals but I am now noticing that I get REALLY hungry afterwards.... and that was a problem today. I got into the fruit and nut mixture and hit the cashew butter with knife in hand. These foods were W30 complaint BUT I did not like the old habit of mindless eating.  Meal3 was back on track. I just can't let the old habit haunt me. I am trying to get back into working out each week day and I don't think my system has adjusted to it.

Day 36 is planned with some of my favorites to keep me excited and focused.

Meal1 - Sweet potato, 2 poached eggs

Meal2- Shrimp salad with avocado mayo, celery, green onions plus tomatos and lettuce.

PreWO - W30 hotdog with mayo,  PostWO - chicken jerky 

Meal3 - Crab cakes (altered Salmon Cake recipe from W30 book), tarter sauce,  spaghetti squash and sauteed spinach.

My goal for the day is to get my pre and post WO mini-meals in. More tomorrow.

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Yahoo - I met my little goal for the day. Did my workout plus got in both the pre- and post- workout mini-meals.

All meals were good. I did rework my meal 3 to be a Taco Tatter instead of the Crab Cakes.  I will do them as part of my Sunday cookup.

Had a bit of a business hiccup today so I joined hubby Joe in a glass of my Frey wine this evening. I will be on the lookout for how it may disrup my sleep.

Don't have a plan for tomorrow but I will have it by tomorrow morning. YEA - it's the weekend.

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Today was Day 38 and I put a plan together and followed it. Since today was Sunday I did my 2 hr cook-up and am ready for the week. I have decided to attack another W30 in hopes of losing my next 4 pounds. I was 138 on Day 30 so I will weighin tomorrow to get a starting weight for the next 30 days.  I guess I will need to start a 2nd Whole30 Log to track the madness... and to keep me honest.  

My Sunday Cook-up included: Crock-pot Bean Soup (I was going to re-introduce legumes) which hubby Joe will finish off, Romatoff Chicken and Crab cakes. Lots of veggie cut-up and some Tarter Sauce. 

More tomorrow.

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