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Need some venison ideas


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A friend ( now my best, best friend LOL) gave me some venison ham steaks and some ground venison from the deer they got last weekend. I will probably make sausage with the ground meat, unless I sub venison for one of Melissa's meatball recipes. But I am looking for compliant ham steak recipes. Everything I know how to make for marinades uses brown sugar or fruit juices, and obviously, chicken-fried steak is out of the question.

If anyone has any recipes for either, I'm all ears. The ground meat already has some beef fat added.

It has been a loooong time since I've had venison and I am really looking forward to it, so I want to make sure I can savor every morsel. I don't want to wing it and wind up with something less than delicious.

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I've always been a venison purist. Salt & pepper. When it's good meat, it's good :)

That said I love using ground deer or beef in a coconut red curry with spinach. It's delicious and has been a dinner staple lately. Begin browning your meat, add red curry paste, coconut cream or milk, tons of frozen spinach - serve over a bed of mixed greens which will soak up all those juices and sauce.

Marinades I'm sure there, we used coconut aminos for a soy sauce type base but I'm new here and I don't know if that's acceptable. I'd go with dry rubs... what flavors do you like? Even just quality salt and ground pepper would be divine on vension. Or if you could make jerky.. mmmmmm!

Wish I had more to offer. I'm salivating over your vension. I'm all out :(

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