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DH (Mark) and me (Amy) are starting 8/23/17!  I've been curious about this since our trainer told us about her experience with it.  DH is coming along for the ride but I personally think he'll get a lot out of it as well.  I/we're mostly doing it to see what, if any, foods/food groups might be causing issues we're not even aware of.  The analogy in the The Whole30 book of a person always feeling stuffed up and sneezing (due to a tree they were allergic to outside their house) but simply accepting it/getting used to it; then, going away and realizing how good they felt away from that tree, struck home.  What is MY tree?  I'm 53, (DH is 61) and in decent shape and health (I think!), yet, I don't always feel great, I don't always sleep well, I'm tired in the afternoons, etc.

DH suffers from allergies, sinus issues, etc.  Could it be what we're eating?  I realize it could turn out we each have different "trees", but I'd like to know!

We have done several low-carb diets in the past and have lived a relatively low-carb lifestyle for over two years.  I'll admit right now, the hardest things for us to "do without" for 30 days will be dairy and beans; even more than giving up our cocktails/wine (we've done this before too mostly for Lent).

Anyway, we have read the first part of the book, the program rules, guide, etc.  We're in preparation mode right now!-vit

About the only question I have right now is, we're encouraged to take a multi-vitamin (which we currently do in addition to other supplements like fish oil, calcium, cranberry, hair and nail vitamin, allergy pills.  I'm ok with dropping all but the allergy meds and the multi-vitamin but the one we are taking right now has all sorts of ingredients listed that don't sound allowable.

Is there a program allowed multi-vitamin?




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