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Whole30 depleting estrogen levels?


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I recently went to my annual OB appointment and she did blood work for some symptoms I was having. She ran a thorough check into my ovaries and other hormonal concerns. Basically what came out of everything was that my estrogen levels are extremely low to the point of non existent. My ovaries are still functioning and my FSH is not high meaning I am not going through menopause. I am a healthy 33 year old and have been changed by whole30. I have done the whole30 twice since January and continue to be mostly compliant just not quite as strict as when on the program. My % body fat has decreased over the past 8 months and I have seen online this could be a cause for low estrogen levels. I wanted to reach out to see if there was anyone that could think of a reason that this diet and increase in exercise could affect my estrogen levels like this?

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