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Starting Sept 1!


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Hi!  I'm starting my first Whole 30 on September 1.  I've cleaned out the pantry and restocked with healthier alternatives, and have been "practicing" for the past week.  I haven't experienced any cravings, although I have had to talk myself off the ledge from the whiny thought, "I'll never have cheese balls (or fill in the blank) again!"  

Even though I am going on the Whole 30 journey alone, I think my boyfriend is experiencing those whiny thoughts also.  This weekend I took him on a trip to Trader Joe's and Costco looking for some great Whole 30 buys... and he found chocolate covered pretzels.  Though he ate the entire bag in front of me over the two days, I discovered that I wanted my body to feel better more than I wanted the chocolate fix.  (And I got the essence of the taste when he kissed me! haha)  At the end of the weekend, he lovingly shared that while he supports me, he "needs junk food... cookies and chips!", which is fine and simply means he will be spending more time at his place than at mine. :)  

For me, quick and simple meals are a must, and I am excited to see how creative I can be.  (prosciutto wrapped hard boiled egg was a winner this weekend)  

What I imagine will be the challenge is to stop myself from snacking when I am tired or bored.  

My support team is my girlfriend who has participated in multiple rounds of the Whole 30, and my daughter who tried it twice and got pregnant each time. :)







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