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IVF & Whole 30

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I started whole30 on 8/31. I did it because we are doing our second round of IVF in the middle of September, but the first where we will actually do a transfer of embryos. Earlier this year we did a cycle that resulted in 4 maybe babies! 4 solid embryos that are good to go. This time round I wanted to make sure I was doing absolutely everything I could to get an even more positive result. I will be 39 at the end of October so timing is key.

I was able to convince my husband to also do the program with me and it's so much easier with us both. The cookbook has been our golden ticket. It's been such a huge support to us. We both struggle with sugar addiction so the ability to have some fruit now and again is just amazing. 

I can keep you posted on my results if you like - but wanted to share why we took on this journey. We are constantly amazed at how much sugar is in everything - sometimes for absolutely no reason at all. My husband is 2 years out of testicular cancer and this is also helping along his journey. 

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