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First Whole 30, Introducing myself


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Hello everyone! My name is Lauren and I am doing my first Whole30 challenge starting today. 

I wanted to share a few of my "why's" to hold myself publicly accountable and to shed light on why this is important to me so that I can refer to this when I feel the urge to quit. 

My first why is simply to become more healthy and to adopt a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain over a long term period. Put good things into my body and get good out! Halloween is coming and who doesn't love to feel great strutting their stuff in an awesome costume!

My second is to combat my GI issues and not have to take medication for them any longer! 

My third is very personal and hard to share. My husband and I recently experienced a pregnancy loss. And although we know this is common and there is nothing that could have been done to prevent or change the circumstances, I can control my nutrition to make my body an ideal place to create new life.  


Whole30 seems like a great plan to achieve these goals and I hope to surprise myself and make it to the end!

Good luck to everyone else starting their journey as well :)

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