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  1. frogtox

    Help, short notice!

    Thank you both for your responses! I read them just prior to leaving and ended up getting the filet grilled with salt and pepper, steamed broccoli with lemon and a baked potato with olive oil and salt with a nice bowl of berries for dessert. Y'all are the best!
  2. frogtox

    Help, short notice!

    I've been invited to a reception with the COO of our company (big company, big deal).. .it starts in a few hours. I am on day 15... I can do 'reception'. Fruit, veggies, ice water, stand around and chit chat, etc. I just received a 'change' and it will no longer be held at the country club, but at a local restaurant where we can order dinner off the menu. So, now it's a dinner. I pulled up the menu and tried to call the restaurant to see if they had suggestions on what to order and they're not open until I'm expected to arrive. I'm a little flustered. Can someone take a look at the menu and help me navigate this? I don't want to draw attention to myself but don't want to go off plan. TIA
  3. frogtox

    Start date Tuesday September 5th

    Funny, I find weekends the easiest. During the week when I work, the effort to get up and eat a good breakfast then pack a good lunch before I go, while trying to also get a 10 and 11- year old out the door is bigger than when I have all morning to do it. Fridays are tough because it's always pizza night, and I end up eating a salad or something that doesn't smell nearly as good.
  4. frogtox

    Places to eat in Disney World

    I think the only way you'll find compliant choices there is if you smuggle it in yourself, which is totally an option. I went to Disney a week after my last whole30 and was completely derailed. We also took snacks in and ate most of our meals off site (can you say $50 for four hotdogs and chips?).
  5. frogtox

    Start date Tuesday September 5th

    Hey there! How was everyone's weekend? We're nearly halfway!
  6. frogtox

    Start date Tuesday September 5th

    We're a third of the way through! I'm feeling pretty good, and have a ton more energy and am less irritable than just a couple days ago. Thakns for the recipe @mtex1985 it looks yummy! I'm the only one on my hallway this lunchtime... everyone went on a team building lunch. I didn't know about it til about half an hour before everyone was leaving so didn't really have time to think about whether I could go or not so I'm sitting here eating day 4 of salmon cakes and spaghetti squash and actually enjoying the quiet.
  7. frogtox

    Disguise the Veggies

    I shred carrots or sweet potatoes into ground meat for tacos, etc.
  8. frogtox

    Soy in tuna?

    The cans I've seen have said "vegetable broth" which probably contains soy. It is what derailed my Whole30 last time. Good on you for reading! There are more expensive brands of tuna that have no soy. And, those that are packed in oil.
  9. frogtox

    First Whole 30, Introducing myself

    So sorry to hear about your loss. Good luck with your Whole30 journey!
  10. frogtox

    Start date Tuesday September 5th

    @EmilyB456 wow, you've been through quite a bit. I hope you get better quickly! @mtex1985 I would love to see that recipe! @pilatesfan that sounds brutal, but good job hanging through all those temptations. My husband booked a dinner cruise this weekend with friends, not remembering that I can't eat out and can't drink alcohol, so that will be interesting!
  11. frogtox

    Start date Tuesday September 5th

    @SusanS I experienced that too... my poor family on Saturday. I'm also feeling super run down. I got up early for my workout but got only halfway done before sitting on the floor in front of the TV and "stretching" til it was time to shower and leave for work. We had a soccer tournament all weekend, so I didn't get to shop/prep. I've got a pretty good idea of the next couple days but mid-week I might be behind and scrambling. Although, we're processing a bunch of meat chickens on Thursday so that would make a good meal.... Hang in there everyone.
  12. frogtox

    Start date Tuesday September 5th

    Hey all, how was everyone's weekend? Feeling good?
  13. frogtox

    Start date Tuesday September 5th

    Happy day 4 everyone! Good job fighting off temptation. This week was the first week of school. Coupled with that new routine, getting up at 5 every morning to work out and starting a Whole30... well, I'm riding the struggle bus today. At least it's friday Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  14. frogtox

    Start date Tuesday September 5th

    Happy day 3 everyone. So glad to see the enthusiasm and read everyone's reason they're undertaking this journey. @BadWolf47 I hope your headache is better today and that it's due to the caffeine. During my first round I got headachy and was very lethargic until I was reminded that the meal template is nearly as important as the ingredients. I wasn't getting enough of the right kinds of food during my meals. Once I made sure to have enough fat and carbs I felt so much better! First timers, remember to read your labels. All of them. Even the ones you've read before. I'm a big time label reader, even off-plan and still find myself surprised at things (my biggest aha was when mid-plan I'd found out the tuna I'd eaten a few days before had soy in it). Also, never ever cook just one portion. You'll get so sick of cooking by the end you'll be glad you made a few extra portions to stick away in the freezer. Anyway, those are my big pieces of advise. Nice that we have some first timers and some veterans to share perspectives. @SusanSthank you for sharing that.. definitely worth trying! My very favorite recipe is salmon cakes in the Well Fed cookbook. My kids gobble them up, so I always make a double batch. @GRivI know what you mean... my lunch today will be the same as the previous two days. Thankfully I don't mind repetition. I usually grill about 5# of chicken on the weekend and cook a giant pork roast every 10 days or so and use it in a ton of different ways when I don't feel like trying a new recipe.
  15. frogtox

    Start date Tuesday September 5th

    Hi all! I started Whole30 #6 yesterday. I usually do one about every six months, and have had really great results each time. I work full time and have two kids who are involved in sports, etc so am always busy and I easily fall into 'fast and easy' eating habits. Since there are so many 'veterans' here... what are some of your go-to recipes? Looking forward to joining y'all on your journey and sharing inspiration and recipes.