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Newbie starting October 11th!


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Today my hubby and I committed to do the Whole30.  We decided on an official start date of October 11th - the day we return from on out-of-state trip.  It's a few weeks out but will use the time from now til then to read the book, plan, prep the house and "practice" with some whole30 compliant meals.  I've been looking at the cookbook and see a lot great recipes I want to try. Reason for jumping in is skin issues and energy.  I have had acne, eczema and overall irritated skin ever since I was 11 and have never fully cleared it up (except for a brief Proactiv stint that later resulted in a benzoyl peroxide allergy).  I also have hypothyrodism and hormonal imbalances.  My husband has unexplained rashes throughout his body that are really uncomfortable for him.   Really excited to see if going through this program will help with these issues. I have good feeling that it will! 

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