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Newbie looking for allergies/asthma/hive relief


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Hi all! I'm a 28 y.o. web developer. When I was in my late teens/early 20s I started developing a pile of health problems and at some point I realized the prognosis for my life couldn't be good if I felt so crappy so young. I decided to turn my life around by fixing my lifestyle. I've lost 57 pounds, cured severe acid reflux, and learned how to exercise for the first time in my life (I'm now an avid cyclist, skier, and yogi). However, my relationship with food is still super complicated. I seem to develop new or worsened food sensitivities all the time, and now I've progressed to having hives for 9 months straight and newly developed moderate-severe asthma. I feel run down and exhausted all the time, and I'm constantly getting sick. This makes it really difficult to hold down a full time job.  I have already pinned down a number of my allergies, but I end up eating those foods anyways because 1. My allergist cautions against cutting foods out lest you become more sensitive to them and 2. Junk food is delicious and I want to enjoy my life. 

Long story short, it's time to stop harming my body and to get to the root of the issues before it gets even worse!

I considered GAPS but the foods list is complicated and contains a lot of things that I can't eat. So instead, I'm trying Whole 30 minus eggs and nuts.... except I plan on doing it for at LEAST several months, maybe longer, while drinking bone broth and eating fermented foods every day as per the GAPS diet protocol.

I've already been 95% whole 30-ish for 9 days while I use up what's left in my fridge, and I'll start the real program next week. I just couldn't wait to get started, I was feeling so crappy that I had a moment where I realized that I needed to jump in right then and there! 

I'm terrible at being concise, but I just wanted to say that if there is anyone else out there doing whole 30 to deal with allergy related maladies, I'd love to hear from you! I definitely feel alone and wish I knew others who could share knowledge as I go down this path to what will almost certainly be radical, permanent changes in my lifestyle once again. 

Happy to be here!

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