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Start Date 9/25/17


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I woke up anxious, thinking today would be dreadful and I would just constantly be thinking about what I will eat next. However, as I went about my day I realized that my meal prep is what resulted in a successful, stress free day.  I had made a banana, cinnamon, almond butter chia pudding for breakfast, avocado egg salad romaine wraps for lunch with an apple and raisins, and made homemade pico de gallo and chicken fajitas romaine wraps  with guacamole for dinner. I was a bit hungry for a snack this afternoon, but I just popped a hard boiled egg out of the fridge to satisfy myself while I started dinner.  I know that not all the next 29 days will go this effortlessly, but I will make sure to set aside time to meal prep each week to help my success.

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