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Help! Day 23, 5 weeks pregnant and struggling


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One of the reasons I started Whole30 was to boost my fertility. We had a mc this summer and I was ecstatic to get a positive test last week!

However, I now feel awful. I blame this on pregnancy and not Whole30, but I am struggling. All of the food I prepped this week looks and smells terrible to me. I have no interest in meat, spices or anything with a sauce. I work full time and I have a toddler at home and a husband away on business so I don't have time (or honestly the energy) to cook something new tonight. I could barely stomach the chicken I packed for lunch. I'm drinking tons of water and trying to keep down almonds, carrots, and a banana but all I want is a cracker.

Has anyone gone through this? Are there any easy options I could turn to? 

Thank you!

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I hadn't yet heard of the Whole30 when I was pregnant, but I DEFINITELY went through thinking all food was gross. Pregnancy is hard on you, both physically and emotionally. It could be too much stress to keep up the diet. On the other hand, you only have 7 days left. I can almost guarantee that if Whole30 foods are grossing you out, probably anything will. That cracker might sound good now, but it will probably not be very satisfying.

Oddly enough, I did actually eat mostly whole30 when pregnant with my second. All I wanted was mashed potatoes and broccoli. I knew I needed protein so also had some eat. I ate tons and tons of that for a meal. Mashed potatoes, or some other potato dish might satisfy the "want a cracker" craving.

Oh! I can't recall where this advice came from, but in order to satisfy a pregnant woman's cravings, we read that she should say the qualities of the food she was craving, like "salty" or "crunchy" or "hot" or whatever it is. Then let someone else (husband, etc) figure out the food to get her. We made it into kind of a joke and I would randomly yell out "COLD, SWEET, AND CRUNCHY!" or something and see what he would come up with. BUT, if you figure out what it is about that cracker that you want (is it the crunch, the salt, the bland flavor, the nostalgia of crackers for an upset stomach?), you might be able to come up with a Whole30 alternative.

Many people get over these food issues in a short period of time. Almost everyone is finished by the end of the first trimester. Hang in there!

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