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Anna’s W30 Journey


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Day 1: yesterday! I found the forum and introduced myself, but no one responded. I suppose there was none needed, so that’s ok. 

Day 2: discovered this log! Helpful. I am not super interested in posting all of my meals. Today was fine, aside from a slight headache in the afternoon and my burned kale at dinner (drat!). I do not find that I have cravings, per se, but noticed it is tricky to figure out what I want to eat when nothing I want to eat is compliant. Breakfast is usually the easiest as I am easily satisfied. Lunch? Boring, boring, boring. I need to work on that. And more dinner! It would have been helpful had I not burned the kale. I need larger portions, for sure, regardless. I also want to work on finding a couple go-to portions that are satisfying and easy to put together without a lot of cooking. 

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