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Well Fed's "meat and spinach muffins" using fresh leafy greens


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Just a share to say I love these muffins and figured out how to make them with fresh greens. I use a bunch of spinach, cut off the stems, rinse and dry in a salad spinner, and put the leaves in a food processor. (I also added a few parboiled leaves of collard greens I wanted to use up, and I tossed in the onions and garlic that I had sautéed separately, because my kids will pull out onions if the pieces are too big.)

Crack the three eggs into the food processor as the liquid, and process on high until pureed. Then mix with the meat and bake as directed. I use jumbo muffin cups because I can get 12 muffins (more like small hockey pucks) that are perfect for breakfast.

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