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Hello, I'm Leigha, started yesterday 11/1


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This is Round 2 Day 2 for me! I did my first Whole30 last April and LOVED how I felt. I was, what I like to call,  2/3 whole30, after April, the majority of my meals were compliant. Since about June/July it has slowly progressed to 1/3 Whole30.  I still shop on the outer edge of the grocery store, so my house is Whole30, but, my son and I have been eating out a lot, I've gained back 7 - 10 lbs of the weight I lost in April.  

I lost over 30lbs on my first round. I cut out sodas 2 weeks before starting because I knew that was going to be the hardest thing for me...I used to drink Coke/Dr Pepper ALL.THE.TIME., I hardly ever drank water. Spent those 2 weeks trying to find something to take the place of soda. I learned that I do not like carbonated water, even with flavors. I discovered Hint Water the day before I got the email saying that Hint was Whole30 approved! After my Whole30 in April I did not go back to drinking sodas. I still only drink water, occasionally I'll have a Hint water. I am pretty sure I lost so much weight because I cut out the sodas the 1st round. I don't expect to lose anywhere near the 30lbs I lost before but I would like to lose some of what I have gained back.  My energy level has also decreased, so I am sure this round will help with that as well.

I am also reading Food Freedom this round, hoping to find my food freedom after this!

I just recently got an Instant Pot and am loving it! I cooked a whole chicken in 30 minutes, deboned it and then made bone broth in the Instant Pot in about 2 hours.



Sorry to ramble, not really sure what all to say :)

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