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I’m on day 3 of my second Whole30. I started after a weekend of epic indulgence.

This time I have a 6’2” motivation to get in better shape. ;) 

I have chronic reflux, which almost entirely went away last time, but I didn’t do the measured reintroduction. This time I will do so. I know pizza gives me awful reflux, so I expect gluten and dairy are two offenders.

Fortunately, I cook for myself from scratch fairly often already, so the biggest adjustment is just ingredients. 

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Day 7! I just returned from a business trip to Dallas. I was so good! I said no thank you to queso and chips! I mostly had salads that I could build myself. I discovered two W30 friendly eating options: Modern Market Farm Fresh Eatery (their whole shtick is clean eating) and Verts Mediterranean Grill. I packed my own breakfasts (drove), because the hotel breakfast is a carb fest and also often puts cheese in the eggs. They did have boiled eggs, so I grabbed a couple and some tea bags and bolted quickly before I could smell the waffles!

I’m having major chocolate cravings today. Pushing through with herbal teas. 

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