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It's Day 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am so excited today is Day 30 for me! I have to say, this was not a gigantic challenge for me at all, I really enjoy eating this way and would like to continue to do so probably 80% of the time. I think it was easier for me because I was gluten-free to begin with, so I gave up less than others. I am also not a sweets person so that wasn't a struggle. When I think back on the 30 days, I can't think of a time that was really upsetting because I couldn't have something. I was super worried about alcohol because I like my glass of wine each night. But, I guess I wanted this more. I think this is a mind game and you have to be prepared for it. You have to set up the expectation in your mind and almost just decide you want it. Once you change your thoughts, your behaviors start to change. I did not work out the first 14 days, but then after that I made a point to get in 7,000 steps a day, and work out with weights 3 times a week.

Now, I am a bit worried about my future. I have a vacation planned for next Tuesday. I have a plan of attack for the vacation, but I have to admit I am nervous about the alcohol part. I am also worried about having an "anything goes on vacation" thought process towards food. I will need to make a conscience effort OR maybe, just maybe, I lost enough weight to make me really want to stay on track.

My weigh in and measurements will be tomorrow morning. I am so excited and nervous. I am proud of myself even if I didn't lose as much as I thought. Anyone on day 30, I would suggest taking inventory on your non-scale victories and writing them down. They really made me feel like I accomplished something great. The weight-loss will be the cherry on top!


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Congrats on your Whole 30 completion!! I'm on Day 31 today as well.

For your vacation: maybe try and go for the "healthier" foods that you wouldn't otherwise buy/prepare for yourself? Fresh fruit salads, extravagant omelettes, deluxe salads, etc.? Vacation is vacation, and you have every right to treat yourself, just ask yourself, do I really want it?

You can check out my post "Whole 30: 5 Times a Charm" to see my reflection on my program if you want.

Congrats again! Any progress is good progress, now matter how small!!

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