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Round 3.


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goals:  fuel my body for workouts, get ready for winter beach vacation at new years, feel more comfortable in my clothes

potential pitfalls: work trip to new/unknown food places, and work conference with lots of temptations.

Day 1

1. leftover brisket, white potato, carrots, broccoli sauteed with a little olive oil and one scrambled egg. black (regular) coffee.

2. walked to local restaurant to order takeaway salad with spinach, beets, sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken, and ginger lemon dressing. another black (regular) coffee.

3. planned: leftover turkey, and kale/red cabbage salad


planned prep: make turkey broth and freeze some leftover meat, carrot ginger soup, hb eggs

workout: did 5 min yoga this morning, planned crossfit tonight

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