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Started 20 November


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Hello! So this is my first time ever doing the whole 30. My roommate introduced the idea to me, and it seemed worthwhile. I bought the book and about 4 days later decided on a start date. So far, it is going well, however it is only day one. I can already feel the effects of my not so good food choices over the weekend, and it is a bizarre feeling- but I'm excited on day one, it is already working. 

So my reason for doing the whole 30. Originally it was to lose weight and be healthier, but after reading the book and doing research, it is  to re wire my brain to make better nutritional choices. Like many people, food has been my comfort, and my ever constant friend. I am tired of the feel bad-eat bad-feel guilty cycle and I am ready to change it for real this time. I have tried before with other programs with no success, and I'm ready to finally make this change in my life. I am ready to make better choices and re evaluate my relationship with food. And to be honest, I'm ready to FINALLY slay the sugar dragon. You're going down dragon!

I'm excited to meet all of you beautiful people as well and try some of the recipes listed on the forums.



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