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I’m starting my 3rd whole 30 tomorrow, but it’s been almost 2 years since my last one. For the last 14 months I’ve done keto with great success (lost 55lbs) but I just don’t feel nearly as well and vibrant as I do when I’m eating the whole 30 way.  I feel 1000% certain I am not able to tolerate dairy, but I have been in denial. I’m finally at the point where I’d rather, finally, give up dairy than keep going the way I am.  My joints hurt like crazy, I have zero energy, and I just don’t want to do anything.  On Whole 30 I have more energy than I know what to do with.  

This round, though, I’m less interested in just getting through it, and more interested in finding the joy in making this a lasting change.  I’m excited to use this forum this time around too! 

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