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Threw together a chicken stew of sorts for dinner


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So when I went through my freezer today I realized I had very little to choose from and no leafy greens. Shopping is this weekend but for the next couple of days I needed something with some green in it. I found a package of already cooked chicken tenders, the remainder of a bag of frozen fire roasted peppers and onions, and a bag of okra.

So I heated some coconut oil and dumped in some garlic and the roasted veges. Sauted and then added a large can of diced tomatoes and the okra. Dumped in some spices that included old bay seasoning, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, and some dry chipotle pepper. Simmered it till the okra got goopy and the chicken thawed, about 20 minutes. Added heavy cream, but only because i had it on hand and needed to use it. I would have used coconut milk for cream in recipes normally.

This was pretty good, and would have been better with a bit more heat and some chopped avocado on top.

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