Whole30 Day 3 - High Intensity Late Night Workout


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Hi! I tried to search the forum but wasn't really getting a solid answer, so I hope this isn't redundant!

I generally work out in the morning but have the opportunity to take a spin class tonight at 7:30pm. I'm trying to navigate mealtimes without eating a big meal too close to the workout before or without eating a full meal too close to going to sleep after.

Would it be better to eat a pre-workout snack and then eat dinner right after the workout OR should I eat dinner around 5:00pm and then workout and have a post workout snack after?

Any recommendations?


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I have just about the same question! I was looking for an answer and found your post.

My commute gives me just enough time to get home, prep for dinner and leave for kickboxing class at 8pm. Last night I had an Epic bar pre-workout, but today I realized that it's recommended to also have a meal immediately post-workout . But, by the time I get home, cook, and eat, it's 10-ish and I head to bed at about 11:30. I'm not really sure if I should try to squeeze in a post-workout meal when I only have about an hour between working out and dinner.

I wish I could have dinner earlier, but thankfully I only have to do this 3 times a week to get myself to kickboxing.

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I have the same question. I am on day 1 and often play tennis from 7-9. I go straight from work to tennis, so I can manage the pre-workout meal but would have difficulty eating dinner pre-workout. Is it ok to make the dinner after serve as the post-workout meal? Or for the post-workout meal to serve as dinner?

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