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Starting Jan 17th - first time!


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I've got the books, I'm making my grocery list and meal plan (I'm a meal planner from way back!) and I'm ready to get started!  But not until Wednesday because I've got to go to the grocery store and clean out the pantry tomorrow.  :)  I've printed off the 30 day calendar for DH so he knows when to expect my demons!  I have a feeling my family isn't going to love this journey, especially my carb loving 8 year old, but my DH is awesome so hopefully he can keep me on track and talk me out of whatever holes I fall into.

I'm a little nervous though because I have other food issues too, I can't eat eggs or seafood so a lot of recipes are out.  I've gotten pretty good at adapting seafood recipes to chicken recipes, but breakfast has me a little worried.  I tend to not leave myself a lot of time to eat trying to get the kids to school so I need to come up with some easy, no cooking required breakfast options.  I'm thinking I need to cook some vegetable mixes at night and reheat the next morning, maybe with some sausage added.  

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it/not looking forward to it at the same time.  I'd love to see some improvement in some random symptoms I've had for years that multiple tests have been unable to determine the causes of, I'm tired of every test coming back normal.  So I'm jumping in with both feet!  Let's do this!

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Hi Bernadette!


I am so excited for you to start your Whole30! I am currently on day 16 of my first Whole30 and I feel great!! I have so much energy, motivation and productivity! My skin is clear, my jeans all require a belt now and I am just overall happier! 

I saw you are anxious about breakfast beings you can't eat eggs. I have been eating boiled eggs but I have been matching them up with sweet potato mash and berries. On Sundays I skin and then boil several sweet potatoes (4-6 depending on their size), when they are soft I put them into my food processor with coconut milk (I usually end up using most or the whole can of milk, depending on the texture you want), cinnamon and nutmeg. I portion it out in 1 cup portions and then each morning I microwave them for about 1 minute and mix in my one cup of berries and enjoy. For me it's similar to eating an oatmeal or cream of wheat for breakfast, but actually I like the sweet potatoes better. Just substitute my eggs for a protein of your choice and you're good to go!

I am sure there are many other breakfast "hacks" for avoiding eggs, this is just my two cents! 

If you don't have it I recommend purchasing the Whole30 Day by Day! It's so worth it for the support and places to mark your own progress!

Good luck (Not that you need it because you've totally got this!)


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