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Whole30 #3 - Still learning about me


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Hi all,

My goal for 2013 is to try for another Whole 30. This will be my third attempt at doing the Whole 30.

Round 1 was a complete success I travelled the whole 30 days staying compliant reintroducing dairy, grains and sugar to find out how seriously it affected my body and emotions. Very interesting.

Round 2 on the other hand, unfortunately didn't go as well as Round 1, BUT I consider it a success as well because it was a great working ground for me to discover the triggers that lead me to go to the non-compliant items. I always went back to the Paleo lifestyle of eating though.

In this Round, I'm looking forward to challenging myself with regular exercise, staying compliant in all aspects of my eating and really zoning in on how each of the foods make me feel.

If you would love to come along on this journey with me, I'd love to have you come a long however, if you don't have anything positive to say, please do not say anything at all! :)

Let's see what we can achieve this year!!

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I will be doing my first whole30 starting today. I'm thinking of starting a journal on here, not sure about that yet. On some of the popular Paleo sites some of the posts are down right condescending and overly critical IMO, especially to newbies. I don't find those type of comments helpful. It's one thing to offer advice to someone asking for advice, but quite another thing to bash others thought/ideas. Some seem to enjoy starting arguments. Haven't seen that here yet.

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This is a great site and I personally have never seen any really negative stuff- very supportive and encouraging, with lots of great information, and tough love- when needed.

I started Whole 30 # 2 yesterday after a three month hiatus from my first. My first time around was perfect. I "rode my own bike" pretty darn well after that, for about a month, then gradually started adding in things that I know have a negative effect on me.

The house is filled with healthy, compliant foods, and I feel in control again.

Here's to a great month !!!

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