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Sometimes, it is hard


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I'm on day 3 of my first Whole30, and have been a lurker on this forum until now.  But today, after reading https://whole30.com/2012/04/sometimes-it-is-hard/ I was motivated to actually sign up to post something.  My message?  A simple THANK YOU. 

I needed to read this article. 

Specifically, I needed to read, "If eating the same healthy foods every day makes things easier, do it."  Because this can all be very overwhelming.  I struggle with finding a variety of foods that I want to eat, and have fallen back on fruit & almond butter for snacks and breakfasts when nothing else appeals.  I know it's only day 3, and folks keep telling me it will be easier.  And I believe them.  So, I'm going to be a little easier on myself on this particular crutch, if it keeps me on this diet. 

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