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I can guarantee you will not be successful in changing your eating habits unless you inform yourself of your health challenges and how to resolve them. Here is a little info I found on the Whole 30 website on how to research more efficiently. 

Google Searches

Always start with the phrase Whole30, then add your search term. (And rememer, Google doesn’t care about capitalization, punctuation, or for the most part, word order.) For example, “whole30 drinks” brings up a few articles where we talk about quenching your thirst on the Whole30, and the forum section related to food and drink. If you just want to know what you can drink besides water, you’ve just struck the jackpot.

If you’re looking for something more specific, however, you’ll need a more specific search. Wondering if you can have your favorite GT Kombucha on the program? Try “whole30 kombucha” and you’ll get articles tagged with “kombucha” on our site first, and a bunch of posts related to kombucha in our forum.

Whole 30 Searches 

To be even more specific, add some clarifiers. “whole30 kombucha can I have” now brings up the official Can I Have…? Guide to the Whole30 on our website, where you’ll also find the answer to your kombucha question.

To search for something specifically on our website, enter “site:whole30.com” and then your search term. That will limit your search just to our pages. Neat, huh? This comes in handy, as the built-in WordPress search bar (top right) doesn’t always bring back the most accurate results. You can also do this for our forum (site:forum.whole9life.com) or our Facebook page (site:facebook.com/whole30).

Happy researching!

Perge Subridere (keep smiling)

Jeanette :-)

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