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Jennifer K

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Hi everyone, I'm new. Going to give this W30 thing all I got for 30 days. Today is my first day. Started reading the book today too. Figure I'll read a chapter a day or a few pages to keep me inspired. I've read through the program on this site, but I don't know it all, so feel free to chime in if I'm screwing up!

Today's meals:

Meal 1: Mandarin orange, avocado, eggs, bacon



Meal 2: Kale, cabbage, brussels, broc salad w/ bacon, olive oil & balsamic. lean ground beef patty, seasoned potatoes 


Meal 3: Same as meal 2


Notes: Loved the kale cabbage brussels salad. OMG, yum! 

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Made it through Day 2! Here's how it went ...

B - 2 boiled eggs wrapped in bacon and topped with avocado, side of blackberries

L - salad with bacon, egg, grilled chicken and vinegar & oil, fruit cup

D - boiled eggs wrapped in bacon, peaches

Last meal was thrown together because I got home super late. 

Slept restlessly last night. This seems to be the case for me when I change my diet. It will even out after a bit. 

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Got through Day 3, but not without a few kinks. Had some sugar cravings last night. Just pushed through them and went to bed, so success!

Since I cooked enough yesterday to get through today, I'll be eating the same menu, which is fine with me because it was tasty.

Here's dinner ...




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