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Day 3 being haunted by food :-)

Alyson Flores

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So it's the morning of day 3 and I'm feeling pretty good. I've been able to have self control around my kids food and treats.

Victory #1 I hid cauliflower in my kiddos Mac n cheese and they didnt even notice. 

I've decided I'm not a dinner leftovers in the morning girl but I at least tried it which is a huge step for me.

I do feel foods that I'm not supposed to have haunting me. Whether I'm in childcare at our church, making pbj for kids lunch, or feeling like my plate is empty without pasta or bread.

I've tried my coffee black and it's not horrible. I'm stubborn and don't like to fail so I'm praying I can keep up this self control. 

Here's to day 3 I will be a conquerer.

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Hi Alyson, I don't remember at what point it happened for me, but my taste buds and appetite did eventually change, and I mostly don't crave non-compliant food anymore.  And even the things that still sound good (hello pizza), it is mostly easy to say no to.  I read this line somewhere and have adopted it as my mantra - I don't think about what I can't eat, I think about what I GET to eat.  

I did my first Whole 30 last July, and I continue to eat Whole 30 about 95% of the time.  It has truly changed my life...

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