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  1. New to Whole30 with my first baby on board!

    Welcome Megan! Quick back story, I did my whole 30 in June and experienced: lost 40 lbs without increasing exercise or limiting portion sizes; lowered my blood pressure whilst getting off of medication for it; went from pre-diabetic to totally normal blood sugar; cut triglycerides to 33% (now well within normal); my severely arthritic ankle improved from not even being able to jog on it due to the inflammation and pain to no issue at all. I eat whole 30 about 95% of the time. It takes some effort - there is sugar and soy and dairy in more foods than you ever imagined, and eliminating that takes work - but I love how I eat, I enjoy the cooking, and I can support the claims from the Whole 30 founders: it changed my life...
  2. No cook Whole 30!

    Hey bud, Perhaps you've found your next themed Whole 30? Limited space? Hope the delivery gig is going well...
  3. Will I eventually be able to run fast again

    I love Wild Zora bars for hiking - they are Whole 30 compliant (except for one variety which contains Parmesan cheese, (clearly marked)) , contain meat and veggies, and are absolutely delicious. Haven't tried them as fuel for event training yet - I had lost the ability to even jog prior to whole 30 due to arthritis and inflammation - but recovery has progressed far enough to be thinking about the first/next event now
  4. Start Date: Jan 1st

    Hmm, I'm thinking about doing my second whole 30 after the new year. I completed my first about the 4th of July, and actually decided to mostly keep going after reintros - I'd say I eat whole 30 compliant at least 90% of the time still. But I'm feeling a few bad habits creeping in, sort of benign on the continuum of bad eating but I can gain ugly momentum in a hurry I don't have the Day By Day book, but I have learned a lot in the last 6 months, so if you guys have any questions after reading and/or jumping in, I'll do my best to share what's worked for me. Lish, not sure if this will sway hubby, but a few years back I was told I should eliminate gluten and dairy, and I was not mentally prepared for it, and I hated it. Fast forward to me reading "It Starts With Food", deciding to give the Whole 30 a try, and experiencing profound health benefits (which I'd also be happy to share details about). It turns out, I LOVE how I eat now, rarely miss non-whole 30 food, and since I don't have immediate bad consequences from one time off plan food, I can indulge in treats when it's important to me. I am a big fan of the Whole 30 (and no, they don't pay me )
  5. 1st timer, starting November 1st!

    I was a (minimum) of a can a soda a day before whole 30, now I haven't had one in over 3 months - the cravings gradually lessened over time. Not so much brain fog, but I was running into depression (for no obvious reason) until I tried adding more sodium via tablets - that fixed the problem. Amazing how much less sodium a clean diet has, and while too much sodium can be problematic, it is still an essential mineral. Sugar numbers - I went from pre-diabetic to completely normal blood sugar due to my whole 30 (I continue to eat whole 30 about 95% of the time) - I did eat a LOT of grains prior, so my reduction will likely be more drastic than yours. Great job!
  6. Brand of meat sticks

    The have a parmesan beef flavor that is not compliant due to the cheese, all the other flavors are compliant.
  7. Brand of meat sticks

    My apologies, the sticks I get at Trader Joe's are Chomps and not their own store brand as I previously posted. I re-stocked today and noticed...
  8. Fed Up!

    I had a few Whole 30 fails (by not reading labels enough) so have gotten pretty diligent. La Croix is DEFINITELY compliant. I loathe Perrier so can't help with that, but I suspect it's compliant. My biggest lesson during my first whole 30? Do not EVER assume something does not have sugar in it. Read EVERY label... and Whole 30 is totally worth it...
  9. My breakfast during my official whole 30 (I continue to eat 95% whole 30) was almost always scrambled eggs, homemade breakfast sausage, potatotes, avocado and tomatoes - and my triglycerides dropped from 3x normal to totally normal, and my LDL dropped about 25% - eggs won't hurt you during a whole 30. Or, I should say, that's what happened for me
  10. Is it really that difficult?

    So I met kirkor (who posts here a fair amount) in person today, and we were talking about this very topic. We both agreed that it is as hard as your brain makes it. Now, for the record, neither of us have any eating disorder or severe emotional issues regarding food - so I don't really know what that would be like. (I do have issues with alcohol, and people have said things like "just set a limit for yourself" - gee thanks, never thought of that :eye roll: - so I do have empathy for those for whom it truly is a struggle.) But for a so-called "normal" eater, it is not that hard. kirkor has done some themed whole 30's, including a mono-meal one where all he ate for 30 days was ground beef, zucchini, and coconut oil. (I shudder at the idea, but there are plenty of time and brain-power saving shortcuts you can find.) And is it worth it? For me, the answer is a resounding HELL YES! I lost 45 lbs without limiting portion sizes or increasing exercise; I went from pre-diabetic (and my doctor e-mailing me personally telling me I needed to do something about it) to completely normal blood sugar; I decreased my blood pressure while getting off of medication for it; my triglycerides dropped from 3x normal to normal; and my taste buds have changed to where I truly enjoy eating a plate full of meat and vegetables - and I have NEVER liked vegetables before. Good luck to all embarking on a whole 30 journey... kirkor's monomeal thread:
  11. How long do dressings last?

    So I have to admit, that avocado toast was pretty darn good - and it was a distinct pleasure to meet kirkor in person. I'll be back...
  12. Brand of meat sticks

    I actually like Nick's so this might not work for you, but Trader Joe's has a store brand meat stick that is pretty good... oh, and Wild Zora bars are all kinds of deliciousness - highly recommended...
  13. How long do dressings last?

    Back on topic, the sniff test is what I use - if it doesn't smell BAD, it's good
  14. How long do dressings last?

    Hey, where do you work? I'm in San Diego too, can I get my hand on any of those mushy gems of pure delight??
  15. new - snacking question

    Wild Zora bars rule! Delicious as well as healthy. I originally found them at REI, now I buy them by the case from the Wild Zora website. If you have Trader Joe's, I found a compliant meat stick/jerky there. It's their own brand...