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  1. Hey Emily! Weren't we in Dragonslayers together a couple of years back? Nice to read you again. You are correct, the rice bran oil is what makes barbacoa non-compliant. There is no soy in it. Hope all is well...
  2. Not rambling at all - and congratulations on completing a Whole 30! Let me preface my reply by emphasizing that I am NOT a moderator, but I have completed two Whole 30's, and have been maintaining food freedom at about 95% compliant for 3 years, and have certainly learned a lot about how food affects me. I am lucky in some regards, as I discovered that no food is going to cause me significant distress if eaten one time in moderation. However, the cumulative effect of switching my diet has been profoundly life changing in a positive way. In terms of reintroducing something you were
  3. Shannon stated it well, if you can go 4-5 hours between meals without going hungry, you're probably doing fine. I've been (mostly) Whole-30ing for 2.5 years and still not sure about the fats - my experience is that not enough tends to cause hunger more quickly, but you're not going to hurt yourself nutritionally if you're on the low side. Protein and veggies are the key things to be sure you're getting enough of. I'm lucky, I never get tired of eggs - but even as a 200+ pound male, I don't eat more than 2 eggs despite being able to easily hold 4 in my hand (big hands lol ) I do add breakfas
  4. Thank you so much for the well wishes! Yeah, I may have shared my story previously, but I think it can be inspirational, so I'll repeat the highlights. I did my first Whole 30 in 2017, and it sorta turned into a Whole 45 because the first two weeks I was eating some added sugar, extremely low amounts (breakfast sausage for crying out loud, it does NOT need sugar!!) , but fairly often, so I decided to do 30 additional days. My motivation was being diagnosed as pre-diabetic (and I was obese), and my doctor at Kaiser e-mailed me personally saying "You need to do something about this NOW or you
  5. Holy Smokes Lady's! Hard to believe it's been almost a year since I created this post Whole-30 thread for us - I've been silent for many months but reading your posts often. You gals are awesome for keeping the communication going! I've just been 95% whole 30 mostly, my routine works for me and no new insights to share. However, last two weeks I've indulged in more "crap" at holiday parties, and I can see the eczema on my foot and between my eyebrows; arthritic right ankle is inflamed; and mental acuity is a bit off. Amazing how quickly I can see the effects. I'm blessed with an easy
  6. The way I always think about it is, it's only 30 days! I can do almost anything for 30 days. Like several other people on this thread, I was a soda junkie, and I too had the NSV of kicking my soda habit. La Croix is pretty good, I do teas as well, but I honestly don't miss soda anymore. And if you had told me that prior to my first Whole 30, I would have laughed at you. Out loud. To your face Good luck!
  7. Ahh, single malts - I like the smokey ones (Lagavullin, Laphroaig) - you? kirbz, as I've mentioned, I've been Paleo, and I'd call it 95% Whole 30, for coming up on 18 months now, and I find that very sustainable. The re-intros did help me solidify my choices, even to the small points, such as helping me realize things like, I just don't need legumes in my life since I didn't miss them. That cauliflower rice will always be an acceptable substitute for me. Etc. I guess the point is that I view it all as a cumulative decision, and if I can eliminate even the foods that have only minor
  8. Here's some of my discoveries from two rounds of re-intro's and maintaining an "almost" Whole 30 diet all the time: Legumes: any beans in their whole form gave me mild gas (sorry if TMI), but during my second whole 30 I realized I did not miss legumes at all, so never did that re-intro. Hummus was more benign, and I like it OK, but if I must "dip" into something, I prefer ranch dressing made with homemade mayo, and when I discovered chipotle mayo, wow, there is NOTHING that doesn't make better So I honestly cannot remember having legumes since my first Whole 30 re-intro - which was Aug
  9. @kirbz @LadyLisbette @hollysmokes @Elizabeth33 OK, I seem to have figured it out, here is a thread to continue post-Whole 30 discussions, re-intros, etc. Hope I didn't forget anyone who is still on board....