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  1. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    So the two compliant bacon brands I've found are Garrett Valley, and Niman Ranch. I think Niman Ranch is a SoCal local place, but hopefully you can google Garrett Valley and find a local store that carries it. Good luck! Something else that may help with breakfast is making your own breakfast sausage - I use a Bon Appetit recipe https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/ba-breakfast-sausage and substitute nutmeg for the brown sugar and it is pretty tasty. Trader Joe's (hope you have those) has ground pork. (and by the way, I now prefer zoodles over "real" pasta - hard for me to believe that, but it's true )
  2. I wish I couldn't relate and by the way, Julie has an awesomely motivational post here: I added my experience, but her story is very cool...
  3. Living Whole 30

    This is just such an awesome post Julie. I thought I was doing pretty well (and I am), but so many things in your post both resonate with me, or inspire me. I completed my first Whole 30 last July, and I continue to eat Whole 30 probably 95% of the time - I just don't worry quite as much about eating out - I do my best to stay compliant, but don't sweat it about a bit of crappy vegetable oil, trace amounts of sugar, or whatever. My taste buds also changed - I truly love vegetables now, and prior to whole 30 veggies meant broccoli drowned in cheese sauce, or mushrooms and onions on pizza. I only wish I were kidding I too am 40 pounds lighter than when I started the Whole 30 - less than a year for me, but it is so common to gain weight back, and I am pleased that is has been effortless to keep it off. When I read the whole 30 information, I actually tear up a bit when they say "it will change your life" - it truly changed mine... I lowered my blood pressure whilst getting off of meds for it; went from pre-diabetic to completely normal blood sugar; lost 40 lbs without increasing exercise or ever feeling hungry, and have kept it off for 8 months; drastically lowered my triglycerides; modestly lowered my cholesterol; joint pain in an arthritic ankle has disappeared - I can now run again; mild eczema completely gone; sleep and mood have improved; rediscovered joy in cooking and learned to love vegetables. My biggest challenge is not getting preachy about it
  4. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    The ingredient list is the critical item - so bacon with sugar listed as an ingredient is not compliant. I've found compliant bacon at my local Sprouts, that is so far the only source I've located.
  5. Start date Sept. 9th, 2018 - doing great!

    The Whole 30 concept is to eliminate all of the potentially problematic foods (sugar, alcohol, grains, dairy and legumes) for 30 days, then re-introduce one at a time to personally understand the negative effects foods have on oneself. I've done two Whole 30's, which simply means, after the first, I followed the rules MOSTLY for a few months, then decided to do another to reset myself. Hope that helps...
  6. I am 55, a hardware engineer, and I work in an office. Whole 30 took me from pre-diabetic to completely normal blood sugar, lowered my blood pressure WHILST getting off of meds for it, lowered my cholesterol, and significantly reduced joint pain. True story that I hope motivates...
  7. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    I completed my first Whole 30 mid July last year (started June 1 but had to reset two weeks in - cue "read all labels" lesson learned) and completed the 2nd end of January. I got in this group as I had shared some of my results with someone who identified themselves as "scared", hoping to provide some motivation. And as I enjoy discussing Whole 30 eating (I've pretty much continued Whole 30 95% of the time), I pop in with a comment here and there. And yes, I have more than a passing acquaintance with a bratty brain haha.
  8. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    I like sparkling mineral water OK, but it will never be the same as wine. BUT, what I've learned from my first two Whole 30's - the wine (and cheese and crackers - but the wine is my biggest temptation as well) will ALWAYS be there when you complete the Whole30. I promise
  9. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    Most taco seasoning packages have sugar in them. McCormick Hot seasoning is sugar-free, but their regular one has sugar - if you're comfortable giving her that level of "help"
  10. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    I live in Pacific Beach, on the lower part of Mt Soledad. Where in LA? My last job had me traveling through LA and the OC a fair amount, so I know it pretty well. Feel free to message me if you want to continue the dialog...
  11. Mel is an absolute Whole30 cooking genius. I have a number of her recipes in regular rotation here. They can range from pretty complex to pretty simple, so you can choose your comfort level - but they all have good, clear instructions. And her site is pop-up free so doesn't take forever to load, like some other food blogs. And she's a pretty entertaining blogger too.
  12. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    San Diego. I've already met a fellow San Diegan Whole30-er (from a previous W30, not on this thread).
  13. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    According to the rules, yes, dairy can disrupt the gut and requires the full 30 day elimination. Bummer - eating out IS the most difficult part of a whole 30. If it's any consolation, I had to restart my first W30 after 15 days due to not reading a few labels well enough. I did complete it that time, and I am SO glad I did it right. Restart, keep posting here and get the 5 day preview of what's happening - hopefully the good results will be an encouragement!
  14. February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    My first whole 30 drastically improved my bad ankle (bad sprain from indoor volleyball long ago and severe arthritis) - it had gotten to the point where I couldn't run on it - now, I did so as recently as after work yesterday. One of the better NSV's I experienced from doing the Whole 30...
  15. Little House on the Whole30 Prairie

    The soft sound of lonely Karen the Krock Pot crying fades into.... CREDITS LHOP Closing Theme Very cool, thanks for sharing!