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  1. Jim4884


    I was pre-diabetic (and seriously so) and Whole 30 made my blood sugar totally normal - and still so 18 months later. Stick with it, it works!
  2. Hi Mike, I am not currently doing an official Whole 30, but I am a man who has done two complete Whole 30's, and I have just switched my diet to be at least 95% Whole 30 all the time, I'm just am not as strict about eating out or an occasional off-plan splurge. I have been maintaining this for almost a year and a half now, and have no desire to go back to how I used to eat. Why? All of the incredible health benefits I experienced. I am now 56, and was obese when I started, so my results may not be typical, but I: Went from pre-diabetic and my doctor e-mailing me personally to tell me I had to do something about it, to completely normal blood sugar Got off of blood pressure meds and my BP has stayed lower than it was on meds Lost 40 lbs without limiting portion sizes or increasing exercise Mild eczema completely disappeared Inflammation in arthritic ankle was so bad I could not run due to the pain, that has totally cleared up and I can run and hike without issue Cholesterol lowered modestly and triglycerides dropped 3X Mood and sleep improved modestly Resurrected my joy of cooking and learned to love vegetables (which used to mostly be condiments on burgers/subs and pizza toppings ) Hopefully that's a little motivating. I will happily go ahead and be strict whole 30 for the rest of yours, hope to hear from you!
  3. Jim4884


    I have a pretty severely arthritic ankle due to an old volleyball injury. The inflammation in that had gotten so bad, that I could not run, as it was too painful. After my first whole 30, I was able to run again. I continue to eat Whole 30 about 95% of the time, and it only gives me a problem now if my eating habits drift too far from Whole30. I hope you achieve similar results - but I would never consider going back to the way I used to eat, the health gains I've experienced are too profound!
  4. Hi Gabrielle (and all on this thread), I hope you don't mind my "snipping" your post. While our details have a lot of differences, I felt a significant connection reading your post. Why I even tried the Whole 30 (long story, but at the time I had no real interest in dietary changes) was for two reasons: One, the science was good. I am an engineer and a critical thinker, and I could find no flaws in the Whole 30 approach. Two, it encourages SELF EXPERIMENTATION. I think this is the most important, and most overlooked part of the Whole 30. Everyone's relationship with food is different. The Whole 30 encourages you to learn what is most critical/dangerous/important to you. My "outside observer" eye sees too many people not giving enough credence to a careful re-introduction phase. I have completed two whole 30's, and here's what I experienced: I went from (high end of) pre-diabetic to completely normal blood sugar lowered my blood pressure while getting off of BP medications inflammation in my arthritic ankle decreased enough so I can run again mild eczema completely disappeared mood and sleep both modestly improved I learned to love eating vegetables, and rediscovered my joy of cooking I lost 40 lbs without limiting portion sizes or increasing exercise I have not gotten tired of people asking me how much weight I've lost, or noticing that my ankles are no longer dangerously swollen I was not planning on doing another Whole 30, as I just eat compliant about 99% of the time, but I would if it would inspire anyone on the fence. Regardless, I am happy to share if my experiences motivate anyone... Jim
  5. Jim4884

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    Two things I've found that work well for me for lunch - the obvious one is leftovers that you can conveniently package into a nuke and eat and meal - probably something you've thought about, but I've been able to get creative slicing and dicing things into a heat and eat bowl. The second is a lettuce "wrap" sandwich. I am originally an east coast hoagie/sub guy, and here's my substitute - I hope you have access to Trader Joe's as they have several key items. I make it in layers, from bottom to top: two romaine hearts, bottom trimmed and alternating orientation olive salad (KEY! see below) couple slices of the one compliant turkey breast cold cuts they carry, I don't currently have the package to share the brand, sorry chipotle mayo (I use meljoulwan's stick blender version with avocado oil and add 1/2 - 1 teaspoon chipotle powder) https://meljoulwan.com/2010/06/03/the-secret-to-homemade-mayo-patience/ two slices of mortadella another smaller romaine heart to finish the "wrap", and I sorta half fold it and half eat it flat, as the olive salad dictates. And I add avocado as I go. Olive Salad: I think it's a typo in the recipe, but even if not I used red wine vinegar instead of red wine and it was awesome. Time consuming to make, so must be done in advance, but it makes a LOT and it will keep for months since it's all sitting in oil and vinegar. At least that's what I found on line. Recipe: https://foodieandwine.com/muffaletta-olive-salad/ The fat from the olives, olive oil and added avocado make this every bit as filling as a bread based sub, at least for me. Oh yeah, when I make it in the morning or evening before, I wrap it in a paper towel and then a ziploc, there's a lot of moisture in there. Paper towel helps the lettuce to not wilt. Hope you like it!
  6. Jim4884

    Starting whole30 6/1/18

    I'm with kirbz, the 2 lb bag of cauli rice for $3.99! avocados, roma tomatoes, the baby creamer potatoes, broccoli florets, their meats, etc are all a regular part of my 95% whole 30 day to day life. But kirbz, I've never seen compliant smoked pulled pork or prosciutto in my SoCal Costcos, can you share the brands? Please? Don't make me beg!
  7. Welcome back! I think it was about 10 months ago, I completed a Whole30 and the support group here that were on about the same schedule called themselves the Dragon Slayers - I became virtual buds with a moderator here who will likely chime in, so you are in good company The Whole 30 truly did change my life. NSVs - I went from pre-diabetic (and my doctor e-mailing me personally to tell me I had to do something about it) to completely normal blood sugar; I got off of blood pressure medications and my BP is lower than it was on meds; the inflammation in my arthritic ankle cleared up enough to allow me to run again; I gave up my diet soda habit; I learned to LOVE vegetables; I resurrected my joy of cooking. I'm sure there are more - it's been a life style change - I just continue to eat Whole 30 about 95% of the time, so I sometimes forget what I used to be like. You can do 30 days!
  8. Jim4884

    Hi, totally new here...

    I did my first Whole30 nearly a year ago, and, among other benefits, saw these: I went from 250 lbs to 210 lbs - and have maintained that weight since (I just continue to eat Whole 30 about 95% of the time) My eczema (it was mild) has completely disappeared Went from pre-diabetic to completely normal blood sugar Obviously, everyone is different, but it seems that Whole 30 is a promising thing for you to try. Good luck!
  9. Jim4884

    Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    10 months after my first W30, I can say I still spend a LOT of time shopping, prepping, and cooking. Fortunately for me, I've always enjoyed cooking, and W30 really rejuvenated that interest in me. One of the big gains of doing a whole 30 is the re-introductions. Now that you've cleared all the "junk" out of your body, doing the systematic, one-at-a-time introductions can really tell you which foods trigger what kind of responses in you. I continue to eat probably 95% compliant all of the time, but the re-intros were a valuable step. I have a pretty good idea which off-plan splurges as a treat are going to be worth it now, and choose accordingly. The biggest thing when I'm not on a Whole 30, is as Nala says, being able to be a little more relaxed in reading labels and eating out. I still choose things that you would think would be compliant, and don't worry too much if they sneak a little soy or sugar in there. Good luck!
  10. Jim4884

    Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    The other thing that can make a huge difference in energy levels is starchy vegetables. Especially if you're physically active like you're describing. Stick with it, my first completed W30 it was about two weeks in before I could really feel the positive changes.
  11. Jim4884

    Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    You pick the table, I start flipping! That cracked me up I gave up my Diet Dr Pepper habit back in June, it wasn't as voluminous as yours but it was pretty serious. It took awhile, maybe 3 months before I didn't miss it too badly. I've learned to like certain La Croix (compliant) sparkling mineral water flavors, but that took a few months more. Their "curate" flavors - I like the blackberry-cucumber and cherry-lime the best - are pretty good.
  12. Jim4884

    Starting March 12th, 2018. Looking for buddies!

    Most steak spices have sugar in them. ALL ham has sugar - or at least every time I have checked ham, and I've checked it a lot, it has added sugar. Try drinking coffee black! It still tastes like coffee, or perhaps even moreso Back in the mid 80's I had a girlfriend that nicknamed me bratface....
  13. Jim4884


    Perhaps I'm strange but I still love eggs, onion, sausage (homemade of course), potato, tomato and avocado for breakfast. Pretty much every day since the first whole 30 last summer
  14. Jim4884

    La Croix Curate

    I'm very curious why you think it is obvious that La Croix uses chemicals? Looking at my can: "Only carbonated water, naturally essenced"
  15. Jim4884

    Applegate frustration

    My further observations as a former sandwich junkie, turkey and roast beef are the easiest lunch meats to find Whole 30 compliant, and those are relatively rare - Trader Joes has two compliant turkeys and their own roast beef is clean. Sprouts has some compliant turkey as well. T Joes has a compliant prosciutto, but be careful, they have several versions of prosciutto most of which are not compliant. For your own peace of mind, the "rest of the world" is slowly catching on to healthy eating, but it is way behind. Lowering your expectations in this regard will likely bring some comfort - I cannot tell you how many times I had to hold back a "OH COME ON!" reading an ingredient list on something that should NOT be so dang hard