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  1. Brand of meat sticks

    I actually like Nick's so this might not work for you, but Trader Joe's has a store brand meat stick that is pretty good... oh, and Wild Zora bars are all kinds of deliciousness - highly recommended...
  2. How long do dressings last?

    Back on topic, the sniff test is what I use - if it doesn't smell BAD, it's good
  3. How long do dressings last?

    Hey, where do you work? I'm in San Diego too, can I get my hand on any of those mushy gems of pure delight??
  4. new - snacking question

    Wild Zora bars rule! Delicious as well as healthy. I originally found them at REI, now I buy them by the case from the Wild Zora website. If you have Trader Joe's, I found a compliant meat stick/jerky there. It's their own brand...
  5. Starting 8/28 Excited

    Don't wreck it Mau, you posted yourself about all your gains. I finished my whole 30 early August and have remained 90+ % compliant. I am currently on vacation in Budapest (fantastic city) and actually have been able to find lots of whole 30-ish meals - grilled meat and veggies or grilled meat on salads are easy to find here. But my off plan splurges (eating a little bread every day, local beer and wine, some dairy) have my arthritic ankle inflamed again, some dry flaky skin returning, etc. Let's take care of ourselves and make good food choices! I fly back on Wednesday and will check in with you after that if I don't get to before then...
  6. The Dragon Slaying Saga Continues

    Hey dragon slayers! Almost a week into vacation and noticing the return of minor joint pain that the whole 30 had cleared up. I have "had" to eat more than one non-compliant thing at a time, so I don't have proof, but for some reason I feel pretty sure that bread/grains is the culprit. I've also eaten more dairy than I might have planned for, but I don't think that's it. As I've gotten more comfortable using my limited Hungarian (yes, I learned some - it's not necessary to visit Budapest (which I HIGHLY recommend, btw), but it's part of the fun of travel for me - getting a little deeper into the culture), I've been able to find some places that specialize in grilled meats and veggies, and have had a couple of excellent meals that I think would be 100% compliant - and I have to admit to a "silly" joy in a wonderful green salad with a tasty but light oil and vinegar based dressing. I plan on going for "delicious" over "compliant" for the remainder of the trip, and just might do an official Whole 30 upon return. Hope all are well...
  7. The Dragon Slaying Saga Continues

    Hey, how are the dragonslayers doing? Still 90+% compliant here, but I leave for Budapest and environs on Wednesday, so will have some restaurant meals for sure and I do not know how to say "is there any sugar in this?" in Hungarian I have rented an apartment with a kitchen so I am planning on cooking at least one whole30ish meal a day. If anyone wants to keep in touch with me outside of this venue I am Jim Brennan on facebook. Hope all is well...
  8. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Yes, going from eating processed foods that contain loads of sodium to eating real food means sodium deficiency, which can lead to those nasty leg cramps. I've read that magnesium is part of the equation too - I make sure to add salt to my food and I bought an electrolyte supplement that I can use as well. Making sure you drink enough water helps too.
  9. 5/7 Start - Reintroduction!

    That is awesome Amy! Clothes shopping is not a big attraction for me, so I punched new holes in a couple of belts so I could wear them tighter - I do admit to smiling the whole time I was doing so...
  10. This blog post has some good ideas: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/55156756199/surviving-the-night-shift
  11. Suggestion...

    Alright, I actually came up with one idea/suggestion. I think the overall thread/topic/heading list would be navigated a bit easier by lumping all of the "specialty" topics - whole 30 for athletes, pregnant women, children, vegetarians, etc under one larger heading of "Specialized Whole 30's" or some name like that. I have no idea how hard that would be, and I won't be offended if it doesn't happen, but I've always believed in not criticizing without having constructive feedback. Remember what you paid for it "What good is a man who won't make a stand; What good is a cynic, with no better plan? .....I believe in a better way" - Ben Harper
  12. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Sounds like the beginning of tiger blood to me...
  13. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    The moderators will be able to help more specifically than I can, but night time hunger is likely caused by not having enough fat in your meals. It did take me about 3 weeks before I got the meal sizes and portions between veggies/proteins/fats dialed in - at that point, I could almost set a clock by my hunger as it would be 5-6 hours after the previous meal. Hang in there with this - I have experienced profound health improvements as a result of my dietary changes - I completed my Whole30 August 4 and I continue to eat 90%+ compliant as I am not willing to regress on my health - and I really enjoy how I eat now. Welcome!
  14. Reintroducing Legumes

    well I'm not a moderator, but I would suggest staying away from all legumes, unless there's a different specific one you really miss. (I didn't bother with re-introducing legumes as I discovered I didn't really miss any of them.) Good luck!
  15. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Kimmmmmm (that's a lot of m's ) - I am 55 and lost about 40 lbs (over 3 months). That is not typical, and I started at an obese level, but weight loss IS possible at our age. Mods can provide more details, but light headed can usually be attributed to not eating enough, or not having template meals (veggies, protein, fat). Welcome!