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Newbie Couple Here~


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Hi, Everyone!

We are a married couple in our 50's and working Whole 30 for the first time. We are on day 5.  I've written a blog for the past 10 years and the food recipes are a big focus. We feel that it is time to change things up even more. We eat out once a month (not this month). We were low sugar, no soda, low fats, and no corn products or by-products. But our foods need to be changed up as we are finding some food intolerances. We are prepping, shopping reading all labels and seem to be doing ok. Following along with the month, we are a bit ahead. The headaches are tolerable and the lethargy is easy to handle as we are retired. A couple of our adult kids also on other eating programs and we are sharing notes. It is good to have buddies for support and get good recipes from. Great to be doing Whole 30. "Taking back our lives one bite at a time. " - CJD.Sign


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