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Question about symptoms with reintroduction


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Ok so finished Whole30 and it was a success! Started reintroduction that was recommended on Whole30 website (10 day) 1st day I had legumes in the form of black beans in my salad at lunch and felt fine the entire day and next morning and afternoon. Went back to Whole30 next day however my husband realized we didn’t have fresh ginger for our butter chicken dinner (2nd time using recipe) We used ginger paste which had dextrose and fructose in it but only needed 1 tbsp (otherwise we were compliant) my stomach was horrible that evening and thru the night! The following day we were compliant and that evening I had a terrible headache (which I haven’t had the entire Whole30 and considered one of my nsv). My question is how quickly or delayed should I expect some symptoms after reintroducing foods? Seems silly that 1 tbsp of ginger (and I only had 1/3 if recipe) with sugar could cause symptoms a day later or beans causing it 2 days later...what should I expect? 

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